Are you having trouble uploading your PS + cloud saves? Error NP-31805-7 may show up when uploading a game to save it to the cloud. This is very unfortunate for gamers who like to share their game saves on another PS4. This problem is common with PS4 users so don’t worry if you think you’re the only one afflicted with it.

All players from the US, UK, Spain, Canada and around the world are facing this problem on PS4. Follow this post if you want to know about this error and possible solutions to fix it.

What is the NP-31805-7 error?

This is a bug that is now infamous among the gaming community. This NP-31805-7 error can occur when trying to upload any image or save the game to the PS + cloud.

Users have been grappling with this error for a long time and the reasons are completely different and in some cases unknown. Gamers are playing any PS4 games and there is no specific game causing this error. There could be many reasons why you are getting this error. Let’s look at some causes of this problem and find out how you can get around this problem.

Reasons for getting error NP-31805-7

As we already mentioned, the reasons may be different. But some of the most common reasons for getting this error are as follows:

• You may be exceeding the maximum capacity of your PlayStation Plus.

• Disconnection may occur when connecting to the PS + cloud.

• There may be a malfunction.

• You may have been opening your PS4 device for a long time.

There may be other reasons as well, but these are some of the most common reasons.

How to fix NP-31805-7 error?

There may be more ways to fix this problem in the console. But some of the most effective methods to fix this error are listed as follows:

• Try restarting the router and modem, and then try again as this NP-31805-7 error may also be caused by hardware.

• Turn off your PS4, then turn it on.

• This could be a fault, so try to find out what type of fault it is, it will be easier to solve it.

• Find game saves that no longer interest you; Go ahead and delete them. On the other hand, try to upload the games you want to save.

If that didn’t help, file a problem report to inform officials that users are experiencing this error.

Final verdict

According to the records, by now you should fix this NP-31805-7 error. If you have already followed the steps above and reported it and the problem is still not resolved. There is not much you can do; wait for the clerk to find out and fix the problem.

What is your experience with resolving this error? Please make a note in the comments section below.