ERP (enterprise resource planning) brings about successful changes in the business. In order to achieve greater outcomes and maximize production, acquiring an efficient ERP is a must in today’s business landscape. ERP’s can be fit for any business. When it comes to small businesses, the solution helps to make a successful drive toward growth and productivity, and it allows them to operate as a corporate business. ERP system software is an important tool for managing different business modules such as inventory, marketing, financial, accounts, production, etc.

ERP software has opened a wide array of opportunities through which small businesses can pave the way for constant growth. It supports all your activities and lets you view a 360-degree view of your business from a single console. Find the right ERP software for your business with Wheelhouse’s comparison engine. As you have different ERP solution providers in UAE to choose from, investing in a cloud-based ERP will be worthwhile. You do not have to worry about setting up costs of hardware and networking technologies, you can focus on processes that matter the most to your business. 

How can ERP’s maximize productivity for small businesses?

ERP’s reduce operational costs while improving overall efficiency. Its accurate reporting helps businesses to make proper planning. Here are ways through which production can be maximized.

Streamline supply chain: 

You can gain a competitive advantage by streamlining supply chain activities. By using distribution ERP systems you can effectively control warehouse operations, optimize inventory, and shipping. 

Lesser tools: 

Prior to ERP, businesses would need separate software to manage different departments. It is quite cumbersome to invest heavily in separate software. Since ERP allows you to access data from all departments, you can manage all your business processes efficiently and maximize production and reduce costs.  

Balanced inventory:

 An ERP helps to keep a balanced inventory which allows businesses to avoid keeping the overstock. The solution updates you with data to only order the stock when needed and create a balance between supply and demand.

Better HR management:

 ERP has the HR module to better manage employees. Centralized employee data makes the job of a manager easier; they can assign tasks and manage the workforce. Employees can get their issues resolved through this module and get quick responses from the management.

Strengthen relationships between employer and employee: 

ERP serves as a direct channel between employee and employer. It helps your business to strengthen relationships and retain employees. HR module helps employees grow. Employees can share and access training information needed to improve knowledge and talent. 

Improve sales: 

ERP’s go beyond streamlining the production process, it also helps businesses to improve sales and achieve targets. The elements determining the cost of a product such as the inventory, transportation, manufacturing, etc. can be brought together with the help of ERP. The unified view helps to make informed decisions and accelerate sales.

Quick payments: 

Prompt invoicing accelerates the payment cycle. This makes the payment cycle organized and unified helping your business to speed up sales. 

Efficient ordering:

 ERP allows to track the quantity of stock in real-time. When the stock is nearing to end, the software alerts the supplier automatically and fulfills the order. This eliminates any delay in the production process and helps to make prompt sales without losing customers. 

ERP allows the data to be shared and accessed between departments, this leads to increased transparency. Moreover, the real-time data across departments enables businesses to make data-driven decisions and reduce any complexities that may affect productivity levels. With automated processes, the workforce can focus more on the job that increases business production and efficiency. 


In a conclusion, it is important to choose a robust ERP like Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP to improve productivity and drive revenue. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners UAE is enriched with features that give you a digital push in every aspect of business operation. You can have greater control over processes including financials, sales, marketing, customer service, and more. Integrated with Microsoft Office productivity tools, customer management tools, business intelligence, and analytics tools, the solution takes your business to the next level. Moreover, it provides seamless coordination, easy communication, anywhere and anytime access, comprehensive work collaboration, and state-of-the-art security features, and more.