In the event that Frank’s Red Hot, a prominent American brand of condiments, revealed their first NFT that was edible together with a fake currency known as “Bonecoin” in the month of January, 2022. year’s end, the fans were astonished.

The announcement came just a few weeks ago, as it was announced that the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada got ready for a scrumptious snack on Super Bowl Sunday. Red Hot, a subsidiary of Frank’s Red Hot has now enlisted Eric Andre NFT along with famed comedy actor Eric Andre to help market the company’s unique tokens.

Which is the stage of promotion for the NFT?

Eric recently promoted Frank’s latest “edible NFT” on Instagram.

The comedian is seen laughing and pouring red sauce over his smartphone in one video. However, he’s able to look at the bones of chicken wings that he consumed in another.

“Have you ever had the NFT?” the caption asks. The truth is, he wasn’t aware and tried to do it, but failed. What do you think? It’s possible to succeed since @franksredhot is working on the world’s first food-based Eric Andre NFT that was discovered by scanning bone and then eating wings on “Don’t consume phones or take wings for dinner.” This is what the caption reads about Eric in his Instagram.

What are the edible NFTs from Frank’s Red Hot function?

Between the 27th of January and the Super Bowl’s final game on February 13, viewers can scan images of their chicken wings bones to receive Bonecoins, as per Frank’s Red Hot’s newest promotion.

It’s possible on Frank’s Redhot NFT and its edible counterpart, called “eNFT,” will be awarded to the fan who accumulates the most Bonecoins.

What’s the story with regards to Eric Andre NFT?

“We are delighted to have been the very first company to offer an edible NFT or eNFT, as we call it,” Alia Kemet, the company’s creative and digital vice president made a statement in an announcement. How better to enjoy watching football than through an edible, digital Frank Wings design? Frank’s RedHot is always on top of the most recent trends and we’re thrilled to offer fans an innovative and exciting method of engaging with our NFT surroundings.”

What Is Eric Andre?

T.I., Jack Black, Lauren Conrad, Pauly D, and many more were interviewed (and totally scared) by “The Eric Andre Program,” prior to Eric Andre NFTis a bizarre version of the chat show that sits down. The actor also appears as a character in “Bad The Trip” (2020 comedy) which is dubbed “preposterously horrifying” in The New York Times.

The most recent announcement:

Eric Andre has declared his debut in the non-flushable turd sector through his work “Nonflushable Turd” that will be exhibited in the New York Film Festival.


Andre’s initial and sole work, “Nonflushable Turd,” which will be coined 21st June 2021. The coin is scheduled to be sold at 12:01 PST on June 24 just a month after he joined the Foundation for the Future of Eric Andre NFT.

The multi-headed flesh fusion is set against a peaceful background. Andre’s face painted. The audio-visual work was developed by Maylee Todd.