Project management is defined as developing a structure in a complex project in which the independent variables such as time, resources, cost, and skills come together. But how would it feel if you failed on your projects despite putting in a lot of hard work? It would hurt, isn’t it? Project management is indeed similar to walking a tightrope. You need to create a balance between your timelines, resources, clients, and budgets. This is where resource management software can help ease operational challenges and enable efficiencies. Imagine if you got help with planning and scheduling resources as per their availability, skills, expertise, project scope, budget, etc. A top-rated resource management software like eResource Scheduler provides project and resource management services while assuring better productivity, resource utilization, and more.

What is a Resource Management Software?

Various industries use software for planning projects, resource scheduling, resource allocation, management, and monitoring utilization and productivity. Such a tool aids project managers and their team members in operational tasks, managing schedules, controlling the budget, maintaining quality, etc.

Resource management software is also a single platform that can be used to facilitate seamless collaboration among various team members, departments, teams, and stakeholders. It’s not easy to juggle between maintaining multiple project budgets, various timelines, resources, etc.

By implementing a resource management software, you can easily find the best resource for your project and monitor the milestones and performance of team members regularly. 

Work Efficiently with eResource Scheduler (eRS)

Choose the best-in-class system, eResource Scheduler Cloud, for streamlining your project execution and flawless deliveries. An easy-to-use and feature-rich interface, eResource Scheduler comes at a competitive price. It is one of the top-rated project resource management, resource scheduling, capacity planning, and resource management software.

eResource Scheduler – Key Features

  • Easy to use 
  • Highly configurable
  • Multiple calendars and easy daily monitoring
  • Graphical and detailed reports
  • Drag and drop scheduling 
  • Email notifications and automated alerts 
  • Highly scalable
  • Efficient scheduling
  • Accurate utilization reports 
  • Seamless resource allocation
  • Built on basis of industry expertise
  • Detailed resource, job, and project profiling
  • Recurrence or split booking options
  • Time-tracking feature
  • Detailed data reporting and in-depth analysis 

Why do you need eResource Scheduler – Some of the Top Benefits it Offers

eResource Scheduler is the top choice of many global companies, start-up’s, and mid-sized organizations throughout the world. This resource management tool guides in each project management phase – right from planning, resource scheduling, allocation, managing utilization, productivity, and profitability. Read on to find the main benefits of using resource management software in delivering project management services.

1. Balanced resource management

To deliver projects efficiently and successfully, the project managers must efficiently manage their resources while ensuring that they are not overbooked or under-utilized. The first step here is balanced resource planning which is fair to all resources.

Resource management software can help you easily find the best available resources for any task on the required schedule. Such a tool also flags gaps and resource bottlenecks and gives insights into when you should hire more people and which skills. This way, you can easily do workload management in a fair and balanced way.

2. Highly configurable 

eResource Scheduler is different from its competitors due to its highly configurable filters. It also has fields, views, and forms that can be easily configured as per your needs. Because of this feature, this tool enables allocating and managing the resources at hand, scheduling tasks, planning, handling projects, and analyzing productivity and profitability.

Various custom-defined forms and fields can be easily designed according to the business requirements. You can also manage multiple working calendars, time zones, different holidays while taking care of your resource capacity.  

3. Visibility about when and what you should scale

Things are very dynamic in the business world. There could be periods when your team doesn’t have so much work. But at other times, it could be just the opposite. As the projects progress, you get more business and newer customers, the volume of work will increase.

Though it’s acceptable for your team members to have extra work on a few days. But burdening them with additional workload every day will lead to burn-out, dissatisfaction and attrition. eResource Scheduler provides a detailed resource plan which accurately forecasts any future resource needs. This helps determine when to hire additional resources, what skills they should have, or can you borrow some team members from other teams for a few months.

4. Customization options

This top-rated resource management software provides you with customization options. You can add categories, design custom views, etc., according to your requirement. There are many project resource management software that let you shortlist or filter resources with names or designations.

However, it gets tough if you require a different category. A top-rated tool like eResource Scheduler offers custom fields. By using these fields, you can put in a description for the resources and make customizations as you want and suitable for your business.

5. Graphical snapshots and detailed reports and dashboards 

eResource Scheduler is a resource management software that provides project management services and eases a project manager’s life. You can pull out utilization, productivity, and availability reports and create visual dashboards. Having such important data helps you to make informed decisions and enhance resource utilization and profitability.

The tool also provides real-time utilization numbers for a resource or entire team with automated skill matching. With this tool, you can easily plan for your resource requirement, pipeline, assign multiple tasks to one or more resources, and manage capacity. To comprehend data in a better way, you can configure your reporting views in just a few clicks. To identify over- and under-utilized resources, apply color-coding by using the tool’s configurable filters. 

6. Planning and managing capacity

This project resource management tool comes with an inbuilt capacity inventory which provides relevant resourcing data. You can accordingly take a decision on the resource insufficiencies while considering the required skills. With such a tool, your organization can increase its business with new clients and repeat business.

The tool also eases the process of capacity planning and management for you. Doing capacity planning helps to prepare for any market uncertainties in the future. In case any hiring mismatches come to the forefront, you can do new resourcing to maintain continuity in capability throughout the project lifecycle. 

7. Compliance and confidentiality of user access rights

eResource Scheduler offers immense flexibility in user access rights with its multiple screens, groupings, or custom-defined fields. Due to this, organizations are able to define the level of access they want to give to each user according to their roles and requirements.

Advance access rules allow organizations to categorize data as per their structure and ensure that data confidentiality is maintained and conforming to the requirements.

8. Resource utilization data

Constantly tracking and managing resource utilization allows you to avoid any scenarios where you have over-or under-utilized resources. eResource Scheduler also helps in assigning work equitably to all your resources. The tool calculates utilization accurately for a resource, a team, multiple teams, different projects, and even locations.

Additionally, you can create detailed reports to showcase utilization to your business leaders. All the utilization data gets updated in real-time, so the numbers will immediately change whenever any team member gets allocated to a new project or gets idle.

9. Accurate forecasting

This project resource management software bridges any gap between the project plans and its budget. It also helps in forecasting and estimating your resource availability, which comes in handy when planning for the pipeline. With a detailed plan in place, you can find which resources are completely utilized or booked and which ones have free time or capacity to accept additional tasks. Thus, it helps you to do precise forecasting.

10. Real-time data and analysis

This award-winning resource management software assists you to monitor the status of your projects in real-time. In case you have multiple people assigned on one project, but they are located in different places, this tool acts as a centralized online system. It offers clear visibility into how your team is doing and if they are being utilized efficiently.

In case of any changes that need to be made during the project lifecycle, the tool helps do real-time analysis and identify under- or over-allocated resources. Thus, you can determine if there is a chance of any delays and adjust your timelines accordingly.  

Get a Free Trial for eResource Scheduler Cloud along with Personalized Support 

According to your requirements and number of resources, you can go for the best-suited plan of this resource management software. You can sign up for a free trial and get personalized support in configuring it per your requirements. This leading software brings with it features such as unlimited projects and bookings, resource requests, user access rights, gap reporting, and a timesheet module. What’s more?

The utilization and availability reports, financial reporting, the project cost, and revenue module and offer free updates and fixes. So, book this multi-user tool and streamline your resource scheduling and project management processes.