There are a lot of post-surgical precautions that patients have to take care of. This is done so that the risk of complications reduce. These preventive measures are also beneficial for the healing process of the wound. The most important of precautions is the cleaning of the wound after any procedure.

Questions related to cleaning the Circumcision Incision

In any kind of circumcision surgery for adults there are several procedures that are common. One of which is the incision or wound that is that the result of proper surgical procedure or by the use of another device. There are a few questions that concern the patients related to cleaning the Circumcision Incision.

What is the time taken in healing?

Many patients don’t bother to ask about the healing time. But it is vital that you know because the proper cleaning of the wound has to be done till that time ends. It takes approximately two weeks for the penis to heal completely.

What are the indications of infection?

There are certain indications that the incision wound is having an infection. Your surgeon will definitely inform you about them and you have to remember them;

  1. Puss coming out
  2. The wound smells bad
  3. Cloudy drainage
  4. Swelling of the penis

When to stop applying gauze?

Generally the gauze will automatically come off after 48 hours. This means that the wound has healed but in many cases more time is required to heal. So keep on applying the gauze until you see that the wound has merged into the skin.

Is excretion of puss normal after circumcision surgery?

A little bit of bleeding, infection, pus, swelling and reaction to anesthesia is normal in all kinds of surgery; so they are for circumcision surgery in adults. Yes but it is also true that the patient has to keep a check of these because if it increases then it is a big problem.

Steps for Ensuring proper cleaning after circumcision surgery

According to surgeons there are ways by which you can make sure that the wound stays safe during the whole healing process. If you request them they will definitely show you circumcision before and after photos; so that you can know what you will achieve in the end.

Don’t take a bath for at least 2 days

If you want the wound to heal quickly and perfectly; then you have to listen to the instructions given by the surgeon at different clinics including Circumcision Center. The most important of all is to avoid taking bath for at least 2 days; as water can slow the process of healing.

Take off the basic Bandage after 48 hours

After 48 hours you can take off the bandage applied by the doctor. You can do this by applying warm water mixed with little table salt. Soak the penis until the bandage smoothly slips off but be really thoughtful not to soak too long.

Don’t forget to change the bandage

The bandage has to be changed every 24 hours until the wound is properly healed. This change can also be done whenever the penis gets wet. Completely dry the penis, apply petroleum jelly so that the gauze doesn’t stick to the wound.

Proper bath after 2 weeks

If bathing is extremely necessary during the first 48 hours then make sure that the penis is protected so that water doesn’t penetrate into the wound. But it is recommended that the bath should be taken after 2 weeks or when the incision is completely healed.

Never let the water hit the penis

Under no circumstances the penis should get even the slightest of wet. If it is inevitable to take a shower like in summer then it is vital to cover the penis. Avoid direct showering on the wound. Use your hand to shield the penis.

Keep a check of any infection

Whenever it is possible to check the wound for infection. A small indication of swelling, redness and fever in the first few days of the circumcision surgery is normal. But if these signs of infection last more than 10 days then you have to consult the doctor.

Look out for any bleeding

A very tiny amount of blood coming out of the wound is routine in every kind of surgery. But if the bleeding is constant and in large quantity then it is concerning because it means that the wound is not healing properly.

A lot of yellow and green discharge

The healing time of the wound is up to 3 weeks maximum. During this time the yellow or green discharge is ok. But if the leak exceeds the usual time period then it should be taken into attention.

Problems in urinating properly

If you want that the wound is to be properly cleaned then it is best that you look for any kind of urinating problems. Some times after circumcision surgery for adults the men have issues in urination but they are solved within 48 hours.