If you have been creating music and you want to spread your art to the rest of the world well, Spotify is the best platform. But as new artists, you probably would have thousands of questions on how to get started and increase the stream while starting from scratch. You need to know that there are millions of artists that use the such platform and take it seriously. So, if this is the competition that you are entering then you are not alone. Besides, the music industry can be quite tricky so if you want to improve your Spotify visibility and get better streams then here are some smarts ways of doing that

Choose your Spotify for an artist profile:

Before you go ahead with anything else, the first step is to boost the overall no. of Spotify streams and for this, the very important thing you need to do is get yourself verified at Spotify as an artist. You can do so using Spotify in app artist service. By creating Spotify for artists account, you will be able to customize your profile and add the bio link where your fans can know more about you and get updates on your recent releases too. If there is any unreleased music that you want to pitch in, then Spotify’s editorial team is the best platform. They are the best playlist curators who can also contribute to enhancing your stream.

Deck on Spotify profile

Once the artist’s profile is claimed on Spotify it is time to ensure that you take all the exclusive benefits to pimp the profile to the best of your ability. The artist’s profile should be of superior quality on Spotify and that way you can attract good attention of the listeners too. This way, there will be more streams and better fans in the whole process. While doing so, make sure you have a quality profile picture, a gripping artist’s bio, and also links on your social media. You need to treat your Spotify account just the way you have been treating other social media profiles too. This way there will be better streaming and more people will stay on your account.

Spotify Pre-Save campaigns

You have to focus on the release strategy as well. It is crucial to give your music the right path so it can be heard and appreciated by the right set of audience. If you are not on the track yet this means, you must change your strategy and that is why, for proper planning, you need to execute a good release strategy. You can create a Spotify pre-release campaign in advance before your final day of release. This can be an inviolable chance for you to encourage your followers and fans to save the Spotify music library. This way eventually you will have good streaming as well.


There are also Spotify in-app artist options like Spotifystorm that can help you get more streams and the royalty rate will be improved too. Till then follow the above ways by which you can gain genuine fans to stream your music and have better likes on Spotify.