Organizations continue to give significant prominence to data to run their business. The role of data is invaluable, as it changes the way organizations do business. The data which is collected from various sources – mobile devices, everyday activities and interactions – are stored across disconnected systems. This prevents organizations from accessing valuable information and connected insights. To keep pace with the growing data, your business must rely on technologies to integrate data to gain important insights, empower frontline workers to make informed decisions and enhance operational efficiency.

Bring an end to data silos with Microsoft Power Apps, HoloLens, and Dynamics 365 Guides

Integrating Power Apps with Dynamics 365 Guides and HoloLens2, you can empower frontline workers by giving holographic instructions steadily while bringing combined data into view. Using Power Apps, you can connect to your data stored in various online and on-premises data sources and develop workflows for your operational processes.

You can embed Power Apps into Dynamics 365 Guides, displayed on HoloLens2. Power Apps enable you to create workflows based on captured data to optimize business processes, develop issue reports, and understand previous data and important insights.

Moreover, using Dynamics 365 Guides PC authoring you can add website link or add link directly to Power Apps. This makes endless opportunities for quick access to resources such as operation manuals, interactive quizzes, or inventory systems, or the status from IOT sensors. This feature enables authors to create relevant guides for front line workers, so they do not need to switch from workflow to access outside documentation, because the information is available within their near sight.

By combining Power Apps with Dynamics 365 Remote Assist, you can make sure your technicians are connected to various data sources while carrying out work on the go. Overall, this adapt able solution can help your business enhance business operations and employee performance.

You can bring enormous amount of data to your employees by using Power Apps in Dynamics 365 Guides. This helps them to perform their tasks efficiently, effectively, and on-time, thus improving productivity.

What is Dynamics 365 Guides?

Dynamics 365 Guides is a mixed reality solution for Microsoft HoloLens that helps frontline workers learn while working by providing step-by-step holographic instructions. These instructions are visually available to operators and can include videos, images, and 3D holographic models. Workers can see what they exactly need to get the work done, so they can do their jobs faster with more precision and skills.

Users do not require any programming skills to create mixed reality guides. With Dynamics 365 Guides PC authoring, they can create guides using videos, images and 3D holograms. After the mixed reality guide is created, use HoloLens apps to connect holographic instruction cards and attached media to the physical workspace.

Dynamics 365 Guides provides instructions steadily to operators while working, whether they are doing complex jobs or attending job training away from the production line. Employees can control the interface through their gaze, it means that they are hands free to do their work. Managers can leverage Power BI dashboards to get insights into how processes are working. Using these information’s, they can improve processes.

Microsoft Power Apps

PowerApps is a data platform that provides an environment to build custom apps for your business needs. You can connect the custom apps to your various online or in-house data sources. Apps built using Power Apps provide capabilities to transform your manual processes into automated processes. Such apps seamlessly work on mobile devices and in browsers.

If your organization wants to bring data to empower frontline worker’s productivity, you can rely on the experienced Dynamics 365 providers. Their experts will provide solution that helps you take advantage of your data to improve productivity and efficiency. They efficiently combine Power Apps with Dynamics 365 Guides to effectively improve operations and employee productivity.

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