Proposals are always special, but that does not mean it has to cost you an arm and a leg to plan out a dream proposal. What really matters in the end is your intention, and we’re sure your partner will love the proposal if they’re eagerly waiting for you to pop the question. Either ways, getting an engagement ring within your budget is a great idea to save money and to also shop smart. 

Guess what? You can save some money on your engagement ring by shopping for lab grown diamonds. These diamonds are just as real as the mined diamonds, with the only difference being their origin. While natural diamonds are formed under the earth, lab diamonds are created in a laboratory. Besides, they cost up to 40% less than their mined counterparts. Now you can save that money to plan something nice? Or maybe save for your wedding. 

We’ve curated a list of engagement rings under $1000 that will save you money. So if you have a small budget or you’re just eager to get down on one knee, these engagement rings are perfect for couples who want a unique marriage proposal. 

These rings can be found at lower and higher prices because they’re unique to the person proposing. You can also find affordable designs that add a personal touch to your engagement ring. Budget-minded couples can choose from these budget-friendly engagement rings we have mentioned.

1. 14K White Gold Ring

White Gold Ring is a beautiful diamond ring that won’t break the bank. It is a lab diamond ring that is set in 14k gold. The diamonds are prong-set, and the band is made with the best quality gold. The ring’s prongs can hold a total of 3-carat diamonds. This ring is unique because it has two layers, adding more sparkle. This will make your other half happy.

2. Lab-Grown Diamond Solitaire Ring 

This gorgeous ring is only set with one stone at the center. The narrowness of the ring makes it simple but elegant, and you can add in a diamond of your choice. The band on this ring is made from white gold, and the ring has Lab Created Diamonds. This is a real deal engagement ring because you can also set it with a lower budget. 

3. Diamond Heart Solitaire Ring

This engagement ring band is made from high quality metal, reflecting the diamond. The ring band is crafted in 14k white gold, and the diamond cut-out is heart-shaped. This is a great ring to offer to your loved one. It also has a brushed finish. This is one of the best wedding rings you can purchase for a fair price.

4. Rose Gold Lab-Grown Diamond Ring

This rose gold engagement ring is simple but elegant. The rose gold and diamonds combination makes the ring look fair and very feminine. The design is simple, and it gives off moderate sparkle. This will strike your other half’s interest. It will look the best as a 0.90-carat diamond ring that you can purchase and add to your favorite outfit. This fabulous ring comes in many elegant styles and designs, which mean you, can choose from many options before deciding to purchase one from the list.

Whether you’re a budget-conscious couple or looking for an exclusive yet unique ring, these rings will make the proposal memorable. You can also browse from a unique collection of lab grown diamonds rings at New World Diamonds. They also offer an Eco-Friendly Engagement Ring that will make it unique and memorable for the other half.