Endolift is an outpatient laser technique used in endo-tissue (interstitial) cosmetic therapy minimally invasive.

Endolift is a no-scalpel, no-scar, no-pain therapy that improves skin reorganization and reduces cutaneous laxity without using a scalpel.

It is the outcome of cutting-edge technical and medical research aimed at achieving surgical lifting effects while avoiding the drawbacks of traditional surgery, such as a longer recovery period, a greater chance of surgical complications, as well as increased expenditures.

How does Endolift work?

In this approach, a microfiber tip, the hair shaft’s diameter, immediately intervened in the drooping area under the skin, which is not a surgical operation. Endolift, a combined laser treatment that combines skin rejuvenation and face sculpting, produces no visible scars after the process since the fibres are guided in the opposite direction of gravity via victoria micro tunnels. In a few minutes, the FDA-approved Endolift application achieves a noticeable effect. This application is considerably simpler and painless than standard surgical applications because it does not require incisions or anesthesia and is conducted with simple air cooling.

Endolift is a microfiber-based treatment that may penetrate the skin with barely a hair thickness (200 or 300 microns). After the intervention, this thickness leaves absolutely no traces. It’s a laser lifting application with a 1470 nm wavelength to deliver energy. It is used to apply force in the opposite direction of gravity. The application is finished in minutes, and the outcome is immediately evident.

Endolift® can be used in conjunction with other current aesthetic medicine and surgery procedures, such as – Fractional non-ablative resurfacing with fractional scanner LED photobiomodulation; – HIFU micro-focused ultrasound; – Patch masks; – LIGHTSCANTM that may be utilized with the same Endolift® laser;

Areas where Endolift Therapy Can Be Used

Mid-facelift, jowl melting and recovery, jawline clarity, lower eyelid bagging correction, lower eyelid lowering, eyebrow lifting, neckline tightening, skin tightening, deep nasolabial (lines reaching from the nose to the border of the lip) and marionette lines correction (from the edge of the mouth) It is used to treat cellulite and open wrinkles extending to the chin, melt asymmetries and excesses consisting of filling, breaking fat collected in the knee, tightening excess skin accumulated on the knee caps, and breaking fat accumulated in the knee. We should Visit Dr Nina for Endolift Treatment. Doctor Nina is extraordinary in endolift because doctors resolve our facial issues with the help of endolift. Doctor Nina doesn’t perform this endolift treatment over the eyelid. Doctor Nina provided us with all steps and their effects.  

Who Is a Good Endolift?

Endolift therapy is effective, especially for those who have lost skin elasticity or have extra fat tissue. Endolift may be used on people of all ages and skin types, independent of their demands.

Who isn’t a good for Endolift?

It is a technique that can be used safely by people of all ages, except for pregnancy, nursing, some active autoimmune illnesses, and active infections in the application region.

What is the duration of the procedure?

The number of portions of the face (or body) to be treated determines the cost. Nonetheless, it might take 5 minutes for a single area of the face (such as the wattle) to half an hour for the full look.

There are no incisions or anesthetic required, and no discomfort is associated with the treatment. There is no need for recuperation time so that you may resume normal activities within a few hours.

What is the duration of the effects?

Endolift® can be repeated with no side effects, as with all treatments in all medical professions. The reaction and duration of the product are dependent on each patient’s circumstances. If the physician feels it essential, Endolift® can be repeated with no side effects.

Endolift® does not include any incisions or stitches. Therefore there is no discomfort. There is no need to rest. Within a few hours, patients can return to work and routine activities.

The procedure’s results are instant and long-lasting. Still, they also improve for several months after that as more collagen grows up in the deep layers of the skin.

Endolift® can be repeated with no side effects, as with all aesthetic medicine treatments. The reaction and duration of the impact vary on each patient, and if the physician feels Endolift® can be done as many times as necessary without affecting the results.

What are some of the advantages of EndoLift?

  • Invasive to the bare minimum
  • There is just one session that has long-term impacts.
  • Save your work and get the results right away.
  • The recovery period after therapy is minimal or non-existent.
  • There are no incisions, no bleeding, and no bruises due to the precision.
  • Possibility of combining therapeutics with a fractional non-ablative laser
  • Prices that are fixed (it costs much less than a traditional facelift)