Did you know that a popular airline from Asia offers cash rewards? Do you want proof that the post is genuine? You can find the full analysis in this article.

Social media users across the United States and the United Kingdom have been eager to find out more about the Emirates Anniversary Scam. Let’s have a deeper look at the topic to learn more details about this most-respected topic on the Internet.

Latest Emirates Competition Post

A WhatsApp user posted a link to an online competition about Emirates Airlines. The post went viral across major social media platforms, including WhatsApp. The post encourages users to enter an online contest for the chance to win 10,000 Emirati dihams.

After massive inquiries on online platforms and Emirates Airline’s official website, Emirates officials alerted users that the airlines had no connection with the Emirates37TH anniversary scam.

What is Emirates Competition Trending In?

  • The reason this is a popular post is because of the attractive prize cash offered.
  • Scammers hosted a similar competition in 2018 using a related viral post.
  • Scammers took advantage Emirates Airlines’ popularity and reached a larger online audience.
  • The post is trending mainly on WhatsApp, with a hyperlink to the website.
  • The user is redirected to a page that contains surveys by clicking the provided website link.
  • There are four questions users need to answer. Other than that, there is also the possibility of winning 10,000 dirhams.

Emirates Anniversary Fraud

  • Emirates Airlines had to make public the fact that the competition was fake due to online queries and the trending post.
  • Additionally, officials from Airline cautioned that clickbait competition was not a good idea.
  • Emirates cautioned that visitors should check the official Emirates website. To confirm online competitions, you should also check that a social platform has a green tick.
  • For any doubts, please contact Emirates customer services directly.

How to spot fake online competition

  • Verification tick – Large companies use verified accounts to contact customers about competitions or offers. Learn about the Emirates Anniversary Scam.
  • Official website: If you have received an email or message, please verify the details via the official website of the company.
  • Think about the reward. Most scammers offer huge rewards to get their attention and then spam them.
  • Simple Surveys


Emirates Arline officials have declared scam the Emirates online competition that rewards Emirati diaries. These online baits are not recommended for informed internet users.

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