Are you contemplating buying a piece of jewelry for that next celebration at home? Did you consider online shopping? We have discovered an online store that you could find while shopping online for accessories:

Before you start asking questions and raise doubts in your mind We would like to provide you with all the details about this site in this review- whether it’s legitimate and trustworthy or not. Then, see what Emberoat reviews from clients say about the United States-based site.

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What is is a website online selling stunning, gold-plated and synthetic jewelry. There are jewelry, malas, bracelets rings, necklaces and rings.

The company has an array of rings to pick from. The majority of rings can be adjusted, and consequently, you don’t need to be concerned about their dimensions. The gold-plated jewelry comprises the 18 carat gold plating.

The company is launching the ‘The Scared Lady’ collection. The significance and significance of each design is explained on each item.

If you are unsure, Is Emberoat Legal? it is necessary to read the following info.

Specifications of

Here are the most important details and guidelines of that you need to review:

  • URL:
  • Category: Mixed Metal Sterling silver, jewelry with gold plating.
  • Domain Age: Registered on June 6, 2021. the site has a domain age of four weeks and 17 days.
  • Contact email address: [email protected]
  • Contact number: Not listed on the website.
  • Address of the company 10760 Diesel Drive Ste 2, Dubuque, Iowa 52001, United States
  • Accepted payment methods: The company accepts payment made through PayPal only.
  • Policy on cancellation of orders: In Emberoat Review we state that orders that are not shipped may be cancelled.
  • Refund and return policy The company allows returns within 14 days after the date of delivery of the purchase and the item are to be unworn, undamaged and free of damage. Final sale gift cards, gift cards that are limited editions and sample sales items cannot be returned Refunds are processed within 1-2 days of the payment method used initially.
  • Shipping and delivery policy: They offer international and domestic shipping of their goods; the processing time is 1-3 business days from the date of placing an order. In Emberoat reviews We state that domestic delivery can be as quick as 3-8 business days, while international deliveries may take 7-25 business days
  • The warranty policy of the company provides repair or replacement of damaged items (under normal usage) for a limited time
  • Social media icons present: none

Pros of

  • Variety of jewelry items that you can choose from
  • Free shipping on all domestic orders that exceed $150.
  • They also offer gift boxes when you pay
  • It is possible to track orders
  • Policies that are friendly to customers are implemented
  • SSL encryption is utilized when placing an order.

Cons of

  • There are no customer reviews available.
  • We have found content that is plagiarized.
  • The limited life expectancy of the domain

Is Emberoat Legit?

  • Domain age Age of Domain: Four months, 17 days when it was registered on June 6, 2021 and expires on 6th June 2022.
  • Trust index: Only a trust score of 2% and 38.4/100 trust score is awarded to this website.
  • Alexa rank: No Alexa rank has been attributable to this site which indicates its lack of popularity
  • Plagiarized content: a portion of the content found on this website has been copied from other websites.
  • Customer reviews: No customer reviews are currently available on this site.
  • Policies for customers: All policies are listed on the website.
  • Originality of address The address listed on the website doesn’t appear to be original.
  • Owner’s information: there is no information about the owner is made public on the site

Users’ Emberoat Reviews

Unfortunately, we could not find reviews from customers about this site as well as its offerings. Our belief is that latest registration of the domain and its low popularity are the main reason for the lack of reviews.

If, however, you are thinking of buying jewelleryfrom this site it is essential to look for authentic customer reviews online on the Internet. And if you’d like to share other information you have about you can do so by commenting the site down.

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Final Words

Today, in the Emberoat Review we have incorporated all details and information pertaining to the website. The design and the products are beautiful and tempting.

We have discussed the drawbacks and disadvantages of this site. The domain’s age is low as well as the low trust score and the fact that it is not popular makes us more skeptical about this jewelry store.