Looking for a perfect way to maximize your brand’s reach and its sales? 

Read on to know how you can effectively do so and upgrade your business to another level! 

As the most popular social media platform, Facebook has garnered a massive following and increased the number of active users consistently. Promoting your Facebook feed on WordPress website is the best way to significantly increase your sales and improve your business. 

However, you must understand the basics of embedding your Facebook feed. We are here to help you! 

We have listed below in-depth details about how you can embed your Facebook feed on WordPress website using the best tools and techniques. These tools are simple to use and require no technical expertise! 

Let’s get started 

Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Widget is the best social media aggregator tool in the market that can help users effectively embed Facebook feed on WordPress website At Taggbox Widget, we understand the significance of embedding the feed on the website. Follow the steps below to effectively increase your brand value and maximize your business profits. 

  • Simply Create an account with Taggbox Widget. If you have an existing account, then log in. 
  • After logging in, you shall see your Dashboard. Click on Add Feeds and select Facebook as your source. 
  • Choose the connection type from the displayed options. i.e., mentions, profiles, page url and many more 
  • Connect with your Facebook account by filling the Facebook credentials 

Once you are done with these steps, you need to generate a code to embed your feed on your website. Let us understand how! 

  • Tap on the publish button on the bottom left side of the widget editor
  • Select the website building platform from the given options 
  • Choose and adjust the height and width of the widget as per your preference and click on Get Code 
  • Copy the generated code 
  • Paste the code on the back end of your website, apply the changes and Save

Voila! You have easily embedded your Facebook feed on WordPress website. 

Embed Facebook Feed On WordPress 5.0

  • Select WordPress as the website building platform 
  • Copy the generated embed code 
  • Open the page in your WordPress backend where you wish to display the feed 
  • Click on ‘+Add Block’ in the top left corner 
  • Click on formatting and choose HTML 
  • Paste the copied code 
  • Click on Publish, and you are done! 

Embed Facebook Feed On WordPress (Classic Version)

  • Select WordPress as the website building platform 
  • Copy the generated embed code 
  • Open the page in your webpage backend where you wish to publish your content.
  • Navigate to the visual and text option available on the right-hand side 
  • Choose the text mode. 
  • Paste the generated code where you wish to display your Facebook Feed 
  • Click on Publish/Update to save the changes, and kudos! The job is done. 

With Taggbox by your side, you can customize the widget according to your preferences and your website’s overall look and feel. You can customize the widget using themes, layouts, colours, fonts, and widget more appealing to the audience. 

The moderation panel is an added advantage, and you can filter out any unwanted content and highlight a review if you wish to! 

You have the option to analyze the performance of your widget using analytics. Using insightful analytics, you can analyze your users’ behaviours and see the total impressions and clicks to understand their feelings. 


Smashballoon is a useful tool to efficiently embed and display your Facebook feed on WordPress. 

Smashballoon is super easy to set up, does not require any technical knowledge, and does the needful easily. Using this plugin, you can show your Facebook page’s content and your Facebook Group. 

It is a simple and easy-to-use plugin, and you can embed your Facebook feed on WordPress website quickly and easily. 


Embed.ly is another easy-to-use tool that can be used to embed your Facebook feed on your website. Trusted by many customers, embed.ly enjoys a reputation for creating and displaying a relevant Facebook feed on your website. Embed.ly strongly believes in creating a good user experience for the visitors to the website. 

With Embed.ly, you can gain insights into your Facebook feed too!

Summing It Up

Embedding a Facebook feed on your website is no rocket science, and neither does it require any technical knowledge as such. 

Looking at the current scenario, many businesses and marketers are adopting the embedding method to maximize their sales and increase brand engagement, value, and interaction with their existing and potential customers. 

Interacting with customers is extremely important to understand their mindset and instil loyalty in them. Embedding your Facebook feed on your website acts as social proof for your brand! After all, it is all about Trust and Loyalty!