Technological advancements have got stigmatized as ‘killing’ a lot of things in today’s highly digitized era. And there is a continuous rise in the ‘death toll’ of various digital marketing channels. However, it’s not always intelligent to believe the dramatic numbers that we hear every day. The one recent claim that you may have encountered is: Email marketing is dead, which is palpable from the following search trend of the user too.

According to this website the entire digital ecosystem surrounded by the latest technologies like rapid application development, chatbots, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality, sometimes marketers infer that email marketing is a gone trend. But if you are living in a dilemma that email marketing is dead, your business is about to fall on its face.

The real truth is that email marketing is still standing robustly, outsmarting all its competitors, emerging out as the best marketing strategy for any business. A survey reveals that in the year 2020, email marketing emerges as the most effective strategy for digital marketers. Therefore, it is vital for all marketers to remain updated with the latest email marketing trends in the industry.

Interactive Emails

In this blog, we shed some light on a few email marketing trends that will definitely rule in the year 2021. Get acquainted with them and implement the same in your email marketing strategy to witness the light of success in the coming year. 

Try to answer one simple question – what do you wish to achieve by email marketing? The first answer that may arise in your mind is ‘Attracting a User.’  In order to achieve this target, you should concentrate on building emails that create ‘User Engagement.’ And the best way to do so is by adding a pinch of interactivity to your emails. Interactive emails are trending since the year 2017and are on a continuous rise since then.

Emails that do not add any value to the consumer either get unsubscribed or get dumped into the spam folder. In today’s scenario, where the inbox has become a battlefield to win the attention of a user, it has become indispensable to enhance their experience with the dose of interactivity. Interactive emails open up the doors for your users to fully interact with your message, thereby removing any sort of friction between email and onsite conversion. Online email scraping is simply the act of finding emails online – super simple. They quite literally SCRAPE the internet, searching web pages and databases to come up with the outputs you’re looking for: typically, an email address. You can check Klean Leads to learn more.

The Continuous Growth of Mobile Average Order Value

Average order value (AOV) determines the average amount spent in a dollar each time a consumer places an order, either through a website or a mobile app. Since the advent of its definition, desktop average order value (AOV) has remained one step ahead of its mobile counterpart because users are more likely to make big-ticket purchases from the desktop, rather than mobile phones.

However, in the year 2021, this gap will become narrower. The Q3 marketing data of 2020 reveals the growth in the mobile AOV for the first time in such a long period of time – $66.40 for mobile AOV, only $20 less than desktop AOV. And remember this is just a bright start of mobile AOV, in the coming year, as the user experience gets better, it will become common for users to make large orders purchase from mobile devices.

It becomes important for marketers to see this trend as an opportunity to attract subscribers by offering them authentic, detailed, and informative content in form of more images and videos to push them over the edge.

However, get acquainted with one important fact that nearly 1/2 of the emails get opened on mobile phones.

It is important to deliver them an optimized email, else they get deleted – over 2/3rd of mobile users delete an email if it is not optimized. Keep this tip in your mind while building an email for your target customer.

Personalization will Convert User into Your Customer

 In today’s digitized environment, where society is flooded with a plethora of technologies, consumers are expecting a lot more than ‘Hi (name)!’ emails, they are looking to receive messages that directly interact with them. The addition of personalization to your emails acts as a bridge between your brand and your contacts.

Imagine Amazon using its smartly-picked up-selling opportunities and Netflix that comes up with its personalized movie recommendations. Both of them use advanced personalization based entirely upon the users’ previous behavior.

When it comes to email marketing, the content should focus on customer behavior and in the year 2021, this trend will definitely rule the litany of marketing strategies. In the present-day world, marketers have access to a huge database that they gather from browsing, purchase histories, and email preferences. It becomes important for marketers to make full use of this data to come up with personalized content that would focus on the target users.

Netflix, for instance, makes perfect use of personalization to drive its user base. They decode what satisfies their audience the most and then use that information to turn it into suggestions in the form of personalized recommendations. This is the major reason for Netflix’s continuous growth of subscription base –its recommendation engine drives 75% of viewership.

Chatbots and Emails will have a Perfect Amalgamation 

Chatbots can act as a perfect medium to gently remind the value that your emails deliver to the inboxes of your potential users. You can easily knock on the doors of your subscribers through chatbots and remind them of a coupon or a special promotion for your upcoming event.

Some marketers believe that chatbots will hamper their email marketing due to their nature of interacting personally and delivering customized content to the subscribers. However, it’s a myth that chatbots destroy email marketing, instead, chatbots are a perfect tool to get included in your emails with an aim to satisfy all the needs of customers at any time and anywhere, thereby improving relationships with them.

Chatbots are designed to boost the user experience and together with email marketing, they can generate a better response rate and motivate users to conduct repeat business sans any additional effort for you. Note that chatbots will surround you from everywhere in the year 2021, so be ready to embrace them and involve in your email marketing strategy.

For instance, the following is the email from Netflix, where ink to a chatbot can easily be added so that customers can quickly get in touch to resolve their queries.

Email Marketing is Immortal, it’s Better to Accept it, Rather than Ignoring it  

In today’s digital marketing landscape, many technologies are evolving continuously, but email marketing will remain the most cost-effective medium available to your business in the year 2021.

And if you are ignoring email marketing, then it’s high time to reevaluate your marketing strategy. Email marketing has the potential to deliver maximum returns for businesses and it doesn’t involve many complications.

Just keep in mind the fact that you are a guest to the subscribers’ inbox, and they can shut you away with just a single click. For this reason, always remain creative, informative, respectful, and deliver value with a perfect dose of all the trends mentioned in the blog.