Generating new leads, building lasting customer relationships, promoting brand awareness, being consistent with your value proposition-  if you are running an e-commerce business, these are some things you have to stay on top of at all times. Of course, this is not easy by any stretch of the imagination, but with the right marketing channel at your disposal, you can soar above your competition. You guessed it, we are hinting at email marketing. 

Many virtues have already been sung for email marketing, so we are sure you are well aware of what email marketing can bring to your business. Instead, we are here today to tell you what email marketing strategies you can employ to make the most of this immensely powerful channel. Read on to find out!

Craft Impactful Welcome Email Sequences

The first communication that your subscribers receive from you are your welcome emails. And we all know how the saying about first impressions goes. An effective welcome email series is worth its weight in gold for it not only sets the tone for all your future communications but also goes a long way towards strengthening customer relationships. Welcome emails generally register high opens and click-throughs as well. This is because new customers generally look forward to receiving them post finishing the sign up process on your e-commerce website. Hence, it is vital that you capitalize on this sentiment.

Now, the all important question- what makes a winning welcome email? The points below illustrate the same.

  • Make sure your subject line is engaging. Sure, customers might be looking forward to receiving a welcome email but they can only be persuaded to open and interact with it if your subject line is on point. Keep the wording simple and the tone friendly and you should be good to go.
  • Don’t be overly promotional. Remember, the welcome email is more about the customer than you. Use your welcome email to thank them for subscribing to you and explain what they should be expecting from your communications. If at all you want to highlight your offerings’ salient features, instead of taking a “tooting your own horn” route, illustrate how they will make a difference in your customers’ lives.
  • Include a special offer. The only thing better than expressing your gratitude in words is quantifying it with a tangible reward. Now, this need not be anything extravagant. Something as simple as a promo code, a discount, or a coupon works just fine.
  • Invite them to take action. Request them to whitelist you, add a preference center so that they can specify their topics of interest, ask them to check out your blog or social media platforms- the idea is to hold their attention for as long as possible.

You can also hire an email marketing agency to take your email marketing efforts to the next level. Take a look at how the best in the business go about their Welcome Emails. 

Subject line: 

welcome to maude.

This welcome email from maude, besides having an excellent aesthetic appeal, informs the reader about its best-selling offerings.

Subject line: You’re in! Let’s get to know each other.


A welcome email that contains a friendly and sweet greeting, such as this one from evergreen, is bound to register itself on the subscriber’s radar.

Subject line: 

👋 Welcome to Money Scoop


This welcome email from Money Scoop sets the reader’s expectations, explaining to them what they can expect to gain from their association with the brand in the days to come.

Segment Your Email List

Email list segmentation refers to the practice of dividing your contacts into different sections or “segments” based on various parameters like age, gender, occupation, location, interests and preferences, past purchases, browsing behavior, position in the sales funnel, and the like. So, why is segmentation important? Because it paves the path for personalization. Email traffic has never been higher than at present. Every single individual out there receives scores and scores of emails on a daily basis. What can you do, then, to attract their attention? Send them personalized and relevant messages.

Segmentation enables you to gain a detailed idea of the buyer persona of every single individual that is interacting with your brand. Subsequently, that gives you the freedom of implementing personalization at scale in your email campaigns. For instance, if a particular user spends more time on the home decor page of your website, you can target them in the future with home decor product recommendations exclusively. Likewise, an individual interested in kitchen appliances will respond better to communication that revolves solely around them. In this way, personalization significantly improves your opens, click-throughs and overall engagement, ultimately leading to greater revenue. 

Here are some examples of personalized emails that are sure to get your brain cells up and running.


Here, Cole Haan have provided customized product recommendations, taking into stock the user’s past purchases as well as their interests and preferences.


This personalized email from Pinterest recommends to the user a collection of pins that are similar to those they have browsed on the platform in the past.

Create Dedicated Campaigns For High-traffic Occasions

St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas- there’s something special in the air during these times of the year, isn’t it? Then, why should your emails be the same? Buying sentiments across the globe reach their peak during festivities. And if you want to tap into this extremely ripe market, the best course of action is to craft special email campaigns for these occasions. 

Wondering how you should go about it? These examples should help.

A catchy header copy, a visually uncluttered design, and information on the newest updates- this Halloween email from Output hasn’t skipped a beat.


Inviting your subscribers to join you in the celebrations, we can’t think of a better way to celebrate Thanksgiving!


Interactive emails are an excellent means of catching the attention of your readers, more so on a joyous occasion such as Christmas.

Ensure Your Campaigns Are Mobile-optimized

With the number of mobile users rising with every passing day, optimizing your email campaigns for mobile is pretty much a non-negotiable requirement at this point. What techniques can you practice to ensure the same? Take a look at the points listed below:

  • Attempt to design your email templates in a single-column layout. This eliminates the risk of overflowing text, shifting of images, and multiple other rendering issues. Besides, single-column layout emails are ideal from an accessibility perspective too.
  • Make your fonts prominent. Whatever font size you use for your desktop version, go at least 2-3 points higher while designing for mobile.
  • Attract attention to your CTA (call-to-action) button. Arguably the most important part of an email, you must pay ample attention to the placement and appearance of the CTA in your mobile-friendly email.

Wrapping It Up

If you haven’t already taken to email marketing for your e-commerce website, don’t worry, it’s not too late yet. Take stock of the strategies shared above and perch your business heads and shoulders above your competitors!


Kevin George is Head of Marketing at Email Uplers, one of the fastest growing custom email design and coding companies, and specializes in crafting professional email templates, PSD to HTML email conversion and free responsive HTML email templates in addition to providing email automation, campaign management, and data integration & migration services. He loves gadgets, bikes, jazz and eats and breathes email marketing. He enjoys sharing his insights and thoughts on email marketing best practices on his blog.