Do you think has a reputation for being trustworthy? Have you been looking at the links for the latest comments fetched from Today, scammers use various methods to perpetrate fraudulent activities, online and offline.

According to many reports, scammers from the United States have led to losses. Also, be sure to check the sections below for authentic Eluxhome reviews that are linked with

What Is About?

We found out that the portal was founded in 2019, and has expertise in ecommerce. The website also stated that its mission was to provide online shoppers with new and interesting products while still providing good customer service. Additionally, the website was selling cooling and oil products, as well as air conditioners and other cool items.

To prevent any loss of transaction, ensure you thoroughly review the terms before buying anything from this site. We have listed below some essential information about this online shop for you to see: Is Eluxhome Legit Keep reading.

This Portal: Key Specifications

  • We discovered that the website’s official link is
  • The website indicated that refunds for credit card payments would be available within 5-10 business days.
  • Our inspection revealed that the office address is 85-34 on 118th St. Jamaica, NY 11218, USA.
  • listed refrigerators, coolers, and other appliances. You can also find other accessories.
  • A survey approved the existence of a subscription option for the newsletter on the website.
  • This portal provides a number for phone calls at +1 (202) 992-8703
  • After the order has been shipped, the website will send an email notification.
  • Our Eluxhome Reviews review found that the site allows customers the right to return the product within 30 calendar days.
  • We found that social icons are not present when browsing the website.
  • Our survey revealed that the portal said it would take 5-9 days to deliver orders.
  • PayPal, JCB or VISA are all accepted payment options.
  • The order number must be provided by the customer to exchange purchase orders.
  •’s launch date was 24-12-2021. This shows that the site is 8 months, 2 days old.
  • Shoppers can approach the website’s executive through the email address [email protected].

Perks Discovered on The Site

  • When looking through Eluxhome‘s links, we noticed the office contact information and location information.
  • has many satisfied customers.
  • You have the option to subscribe to our newsletter.


  • Our inquiry did not find any social icons.
  • Most of the negative reviews we have received are not positive.

Is A False Site?

  • Discount Information — We discovered that some items are offered at a discounted price. You might be scammed by this website.
  • Domain Frozing Date– An inquiry revealed that would end on 24-12-2022.
  • Reviews Assembled. Trustpilot received no feedback from our inspection. We found many negative comments on other sites as well as Google. These raised concerns like is Eluxhome legitimate ?
  • Trust Score– 47.6/100 represents the value we found while researching
  • Owner’s Information– We detected no connected strings.
  • Bulk Purchase Option– This site was mentioned in our inquiry.
  • Alexa Rank 1802566 is the value that we fetched when inspecting.
  • Portal Creation Day – The investigation showed that it was made on 24-12-2021, which is 8 months and two days ago.
  • Trust Score We found only a 5% lower value.
  • Address Originality We found the store with the website name at the given address.
  • Icons for Social Media Presence — According to the investigation the icons are now available.

What Are Shoppers’ Eluxhome Reviews ?

Trustpilot has not received any comments on this online store. However, two people complained that the website was a scam. was also criticized on another website. Four people complained that it only sold faulty goods. Google gave it a score of 1 stars.


This article exposed’s legitimacy, which we now suspect to be suspicious.