Many people are curious about Valesca sibling, Eduardo, if he is still alive. This post has all the details.

Have you ever heard the amazing story of the Valseca family. You have seen the video preview of the true story that will be released this week.

Eduardo was kidnapped in 2007 and the abductor demanded a large amount of money in return, which his family couldn’t pay. The family eventually moved to the United States. Let’s talk Valesca Siblings , where they are now, and their experiences.

Who is there in the Valesca Family?

The Valseca family lives happily in their home. One tragedy changed their lives as described in The Ranch. Yesterday, Valscea’s children shared their horrifying story about being kidnapped on NBC Dateline.

Valseca was dropping his children at school in June 2007 and wanted to go home just like every day. He was unable to return home as his three children and wife were abducted while he was on his way back. Nayah, the youngest sibling to Eduardo Valseca was just six years old. Fernando, the oldest brother, was twelve years old and Emiliano, seven.

Fernando currently lives in Colorado, where he works for a photographer company. Nayah loves to travel.

Where’s Eduardo?

Eduardo survived the torture by the kidnappers, who demanded $8 million. His family wasn’t in a position to pay such high demands. His wife was able to settle for less that $1 million. The family moved to Maryland after the incident. Eduardo is still living and takes care of his children.

What is Jayne Rager Valseca Eduardo?

Jayne was strong and fought valiantly against the kidnapping of her husband. But she was actually struggling inside with something much more.

She was suffering from stage four cancer and wanted to die. But, with the support of her family, she lived for 4 more years. She lost her family forever in May 2012. She was just 45.

She was also the founder of Waldorf School, and the credited creators of Stella (1990), Dateline NBC (1992), We have your husband (2001). She also advocated for Mexican victims of similar kidnappings after the incident.

Valesca siblings stated that her mother was very fond of them. They brought an audio-playing teddy bear and she used it to record and play messages. They also shared that Jayne, their mother, had tried every possible treatment for cancer but was unable to save her life.


Through The Ranch Episode Dateline NBC remembers a 15 year-old incident from the Valesca family. The children describe what happened, where they are now, and how they managed their lives during that time. Watch the complete video.

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