Some men of short stature have expressed that they feel a lot of the time left behind compared to their taller peers. With elevator shoes, these people have improved their self-perception and give a sense of security and confidence. 

Several psychological studies have proven that self-confidence is a fundamental part of good psychological health. When a person feels good about their appearance and body, those people can project that well-being feeling to others and transfer it to other aspects of their lives. So investing in your appearance will help you change the way you think about yourself!

Social acceptability

We all know how society is today and being socially accepted is what many people are looking for. Gaining a few centimeters in height will be a great help in providing a better image of ourselves. When looking for a job, height can undoubtedly be a reason for weight in certain areas. And thanks to this type of footwear, we can overcome that barrier, improving your image in society’s eyes. If you are looking for a mate, being tall will increase your chances of fitting into other people’s beauty standards.

Elevator shoes will improve your posture

Wearing this type of shoes also benefits our posture because it prevents us from taking inadequate positions or the back in a hunched position. It tends to help disappear the discomfort in our spine thanks to the elevation, making a better distribution of our weight. So, you will improve your posture positively by using these shoes daily without making a considerable effort.

Also, straightening your posture helps you to avoid musculoskeletal problems and disorders that could be serious in the future. Your feet will feel less tired, and they will thank you!

Elevator shoes have a curved shape in the sole, which allows the instep to have an ergonomic position, distributing the weight evenly. Plus, the elevation produced by the guidomaggi elevator shoe allows the tension in the tendon of the foot to decrease. In that way, you will feel your feet more comfortable while you walk in contrast to regular shoes or high-hills. 

With this in mind, they are ideal for those who must be on their feet for a long time. There are models and designs for every occasion. Many people think that elevator shoes are those ugly and dull models that make even the most handsome man in the world look bad dressed.  And that’s not true! Nowadays, there are many models and designs of guidomaggi elevator shoes that will complement your outfits very well. No matter the occasion or place, you can get elevator shoes for a date, a business meeting, or even go for a walk with friends. You won’t even have to worry about being out of fashion! The world’s top designers are developing this type of footwear to meet the needs of all their customers. Looking attractive, tall, and fashionable has never been so easy!