Senior citizens who suffer from diseases like Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease undergo disoriented feelings that cause them to leave their residence. This is known as ‘Wandering’, where said patients aimlessly go place to place. That’s half of the pain. Imagine the person’s feeling when he gets to know that his parents or grandparents have disappeared.

There are a number of products that can help you keep track of your elders, especially the ones suffering from Alzheirmer’s or Dementia disease.GPS tracker is one of the best products to keep your elders safe. Trackers can come in the form of wrist watches, bands, pocket trackers and much more. This has to be done by the consent of your elders. Placing a tracker without their permission will be against the law.

How do GPS trackers help in Elderly Care?

Senior-Tracking Devices—a GPS tracker that is specially designed to track your elder’s precise location and time. The working principle of it is the same as a GPS tracker. It collects data, transmits it to the satellites that further send the signal to the GPS receiver.

Alzheimer’s vs Dementia

Dementia care in Sacramento is best used for memory loss where a person undergoes lack thinking abilities whereas Alzheimer’s disease is a severe case of dementia.

Even if your elders are taken care of in caring homes, there are hundreds of cases reported from the elder care facilities who report that they track elders who wander off from the care home with GPS technology. Isn’t it helpful?

GPS tracker for patients is a life saver. The condition where elders wander not only endangers their lives but worries their family too. GPS trackers for adults are not very obtrusive as due to modernization, GPS devices have become quite discreet. You can either put the tracker in their bag, wrap around the wrist or in neck like a pendant. Being able to track your elders is a huge sigh of relief (with their consent).

Which GPS Tracker is the best for Elders?

GPS tracker for elderly care can be of any type that elders prefer. There are a number of various models and types including wearable wristbands, smartwatches or a keychain to GPS embedded wallets, bags, and clothes, you can track your loved ones now with ease.

●       Medical Alert Systems – Works on the principles of GPS trackers, medical alert devices are used by hospitals and elder care homes that not only release emergency need signals but also send location details of the patient attached to the device.

●       Wearable GPS Trackers – Available in the form of pendants, lockets, these trackers are most used in the US for elder tracking. Gift it to your loved one and never worry about them being wandered.

●       Keychain GPS Trackers – Small and unique, buy your elders a Keychain GPS tracker if you have a set of keys.

●       GPS SmartSole – New and smart GPS invention that you can hide in your loved one’s shoes or footwear. It works on cellular-track technology and provides real-time details.

Fact about GPS Tracker for Elderly Care

Did you know that according to the Alzheimer’s Disease International, the number of Alzheimer’s and dementia patients will be approx. 75.6 million by 2050 and tracking devices for them may become constitutionally mandatory?

GPS Trackers for patients with disabilities

These trackers are not limited to elderly care but other patients as well. If you have someone with a disability who requires full-time attention, a GPS tracker should be your go-to option for monitoring. The post-covid time witnessed a 25% surge in the GPS trackers purchase for disabled persons.

Is it legal to use a GPS tracker to track a person?

It is illegal for anyone to track anyone or anything without legal consent or warrant. Even the Law enforcement agencies in the US need at least a 28 days’ warrant to put anyone under the GPS surveillance.

As for the elders, the Fourth Amendment in the US Constitution protects all citizens from ‘unreasonable, unlawful, non-consensual searches, seizures, and surveillance’. So, the answer is yes, it is legal to put GPS tracker on elders or anyone but only with their consent.

Side effects, Pros or Cons of the GPS Trackers

There are no major side effects that have been reported since the technology came into being except for minor wearing discomfort. One of the downsides of GPS is that it sometimes becomes a misguided tool and sends back garbage or invalid data. Therefore, relying 100% on GPS trackers may also not be the smart approach. But since the device has 98.5% accuracy, the other 1.5% is caused due to signal disruption.