The impact of the coronavirus pandemic was enormous, affecting all major sectors and the economy. Many industries that came to a halt in the early days left many people without money to manage their daily expenses. Eipcard com Covidreliefirs came as a relief to US citizens to make purchases with the card using the Coronavirus Aid funds.

However, doubts remain about the card and its use, and many still don’t know if it is genuine. If you are curious about the map, do not forget to read the full article.

What is an Eip card?

An EIP card, in simple terms, is an economic impact map sponsored by the United States Treasury Department and under the remit of the tax department. The Eipcard com Covidreliefirs is an integral part of the US debit card program in which the government provides funds to eligible EIP recipients.

The money received is covered by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) or the COVID-related Tax Relief Act 2020.

The EIP card claims to provide a safe mode for recipients in the United States to access the money paid for by the government with their prepaid VISA debit card. Citizens do not have to visit a bank or credit card association in person to collect a check.

How do you use the EIP card?

The Eipcard com Covidreliefirs offers a solution for American citizens who do not have a bank account or do not receive checks.

However, in order to qualify for the card, the recipient must qualify for an incentive payment, without which the IRS cannot directly deposit the amount. MetaBank issues the card.

Read below the ways to use an Eip card:

• Users can shop at places where Visa Debit Cards are accepted.

• Make payments online, by phone, in-store and via invoices.

• Cash without surcharge via an in-network ATM

• Get money back when you register with purchases with a PIN at participating stores.

Check the balance on the EIP card

Users can check the balance of Eipcard com Covidreliefirs in three simple ways, namely:

• Call 1.800.240.8100 to hear your transaction history and balance through automated voice responses.

• Download Money Network Mobile App from Google Play or Apple store to check balance.

• Visit to view the balance.

Conclusion – Is an EIP card a scam or legit?

Do you think the EIP card is genuine or legit? It is sponsored by the Office of the Treasury Department under the Fiscal Service as part of their US debit card program.

Considering all the reviews and information, we can conclude that the Eipcard com Covidreliefirs is a legit VISA debit card and not a scam.

Users have a transaction limit of $ 2,500 per transaction per day. The recipients can also transfer money from the existing bank online to the EIP card via

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