Antique lovers are a distinct bunch who know exactly what lights up their lives. For friends and family members, this can make getting them Christmas gifts a little bit more challenging than for the average person.  Moreover, the items that antique lovers tend to enjoy are often on the pricier side, thereby complicating matters further.

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Therefore, after weeding out big-ticket items and hulking gifts like antique furniture, gift givers are often left with only some random things like old trinkets or antique hardware (which can indeed be a good option).

However, for those who are looking to broaden their horizons and identify some wonderful antique gifts for the lover of antiquity in their family (without breaking the bank), here are eight awesome gift ideas.

But before diving into those items, it is important to first define what exactly makes an antique piece, well, antique.

What Is an Antique?

To get to the heart of the matter, an antique item is something that is at least 100 years in age, no matter what kind of material makes up the item. This is in contrast to things like artifacts and fossils, which are classified not only on their age (300 years or older) but if they are organic or manmade.

Therefore, when hunting for antique gifts, it is important to know how to identify an antique so that you don’t end up with something vintage (20- to 99-year-old items) or an outright reproduction.

That said, here are some awesome antique gift ideas.

1. Books About Antiques

When it comes to books about antiques, there are two different roads that you can travel: books about antiques people have found or reference manuals.

In the former category, the book Antiques Roadshow: 40 Years of Great Finds is a wonderfully fun gift that shares the stories behind some of the more iconic pieces featured on the classic television show.

As for the latter category, the most current edition of Miller’s Collectibles Handbook and Price Guide is an extensive resource used by antique dealers that can help your family’s favorite antique hunter stay abreast of the latest trends and prices.

Either of these gifts will make a wonderful coffee table book.

2. Home and Kitchen Decor

Maybe your antique-loving family member is big on home restoration or even is wild about interior design (albeit with their particular sense of flair). In which case, antique home décor or home restoration gift items will make an excellent Christmas gift.

For instance, you might try to seek out silver antique items like Wholesale Olivewood, picture frames, ashtrays, candle holders, mirrors, clocks or knick-knacks.

If your loved one is also quite the cook or baker, you might opt to pick up some antique metal containers, wooden cutting boards, dough bowls, dishes or other such items.

3. A Sealing Wax Set

Before glue-on envelopes was a thing, letters were sealed using melted wax and a stamp.

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Any antique collector would love to have this kind of item. However, if getting an entire set is outside of your desired budget, you can even just get the sealing stamp.

However, no matter which route you choose, make sure that what you purchase is not a reproduction.

4. A Jewelry Polishing Kit

If your family member is big on buying (and maybe even selling) antique jewelry, then a cleaning kit is an essential item to possess.

These kinds of kits typically come with a cleaning solution, brushes of various sizes and abrasiveness and polish cloths.

From gold rings to pearl necklaces, this kind of gift has a panoply of uses.

5. Antique Jewelry Boxes

As something of a companion piece (maybe given by another relative), an antique jewelry box is the perfect partner to the aforementioned cleaning set.

Additionally, no matter the age, style, story or rarity of the item, an antique jewelry box is ideal for holding earrings, bracelets, necklaces or similar items from antiquity that your loved one has collected over the years.

6. An Antique Coffee Grinder

Coffee, especially of the artisanal or specialty variety, has become quite popular in the past several years. However, even if your family member hasn’t hopped on the gourmet coffee train, most people still start their day with a good cup of joe.

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This means that an antique coffee grinder isn’t just a great little gift that suits their style, but it also can give them the opportunity to enjoy some of the finer things in life by grinding their own beans for the freshest coffee possible.

7. Antique Wooden Wine Box

Maybe coffee really isn’t your relative’s thing. Maybe they would rather enjoy a glass of fine wine.

In that case, an antique wooden wine box that can hold a couple of their fancier bottles is a perfect gift.

Additionally, not only is this kind of gift functional but they look great as well, often featuring a leather exterior, elegant straps and buckles, a carrying handle and brass accents that make such an item a wonderful centerpiece.

8. Antique Prints

For those with a budget that isn’t ready to handle an antique wooden wine box, a wonderful alternative might be an antique print.

Moreover, there are several different types of prints that buyers might opt to pick up, including:

  • Giclee prints: These have the highest color range and resolution of the bunch
  • Serigraphs: This kind of print is created with a silkscreen process and has a wonderful texture
  • Lithographs: These are the most inexpensive of the bunch as they are less labor-intensive and do not have the same color density of the previous two.

These three options can accommodate a wide range of budgets.

Happy Gift-Giving!

Any antique lover in your family is sure to love any gift that you have taken the time to really think about and pick out with care.

All of the options listed above are sure to put a smile on your family member’s face.

However, before purchasing anything, make sure that you do your research and ensure that you are buying a genuine antique and not a clever and convincing reproduction.