Beware of, a scam website that offers amazing Cyber ​​Monday deals. Don’t even bother looking for eHome All reviews, we’ll explain why. This bogus scheme is also known as the iDepot Home or HomeTaxMart scam as you changed your domain name over the weekend, so be careful.

This eHome All scam is perpetrated by the same criminals who created similar pages, such as the Computer Mill and Best Price Home scams. The one we are talking about today does the exact same trick. You are just using a different domain name.

eHome Everything is the same website as HomeTaxMart

The not-so-creative crooks changed the logo displayed on the HomeTaxMart website to the new eHome All. All other images and graphics are the same. How do we know that is a scam? The domain name was registered last Saturday. For a new site that claims to be legitimate, this one does not qualify. Why?

All of the information on the website was also included on, including a Sacramento address (1213 10th St, Sacramento, CA 95814) and a phone number. But wait, there’s more. We will also talk about eHome All reviews below.

The Cyber ​​Monday deals listed on the website are great, but don’t buy any products simply because they don’t exist. Air purifiers for $ 8, refrigerators for $ 60, or Fortnite cards for $ 5 are just deals that are meant to attract you.

eHome All reviews do not exist

Is eHome all legit? No, it’s not. Stay away. Since the domain name ( was bought over the weekend, it makes sense that there is not enough physical time to collect actual opinions from eHome All.

Let’s see the pattern. Visit the website and try to remember this current aspect of the eHome All website. Why? Well, chances are that next week you will see the same content but with a different name and logo. Happens all the time.

The eHome All promotion is a typical website that scammers create during certain times of the year, such as Cyber ​​Monday, Valentine’s Day, Black Friday, or Mother’s Day. This type of fraud will surely continue to occur for the next few weeks, as the holidays are about to begin.

The eHome All scam is there and should be reported as well. Below you can see how you can do it. Last but not least, since we are exposing fake pages, check out these comprehensive lists of Facebook scams, phishing scams, and email scams. Feel free to share your experience below as well or leave your own eHome with all the reviews.

EHomeAll Scam: How to Report

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How to protect yourself more

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