Erectile Dysfunction or in short ED refers to a medical situation where the penis of the male is not able to get erect or cannot hold the erection for too long. From a superficial point of view, ED may be a sexual disorder, indeed it is a sexual ailment but it has far-reaching consequences on brain, heart, and even lungs. In the market, there are various treatments available like Fildena 100 mg and Cenforce 200 mg for Sale, or can even Buy Vidalista 60 and many others that help in getting rid of ED by keeping the penis erect for hours. 

Due to a lack of sexual education, some men do not even know that ED needs treatment like other diseases. This results in the problem of ED getting prolonged which is extremely harmful to your other healthy parts of the body. In this article, we shall discuss what effects does ED has on the brain, heart, and lungs. But before we go into detail let’s understand what are the reasons behind getting contracted to ED.

Reasons leading to ED

Some of the common reasons why one catches ED are smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol, obesity, diabetes, injuries, or some medication. Any one of the listed reasons is enough for getting ED. The most common reasons because of which now even youngsters are falling into the trap of ED are smoking, alcohol consumption, obesity, and diabetes.

No doubt smoking and alcohol are signs of coolness and modernity by the so-called millennials but they don’t know that the actions of the present determine our future. In the case of alcohol, we must read the headline carefully, only excessive consumption of alcohol is dangerous, in limited amounts scientifically it proved to relax our minds by bringing down stress levels. But when the limit exceeds the blood supply to all the major parts of the body including the penis is stopped as the brain loses control over the organs in such circumstances.


Effects on brain

ED is a sexual disorder by definition but has most of its effect on the brain and the nervous system. In our society masculinity is linked with the penis, things like providing orgasm to his wife or girlfriend are most of the time the matter of discussion. In this type of society if anyone at a young age gets EDhe can’t share it with his friends or with family. This builds a psychological pressure and a sense of incompleteness develops in that male. In many cases, the wife or girlfriend in the relationship was caught in having extramarital affairs or double dating. The reason for such instances is that females are not only attracted to expensive cars, bikes, parties, and clubs but above all how much can you satisfy her desires and fantasies.

When in time of intimacy you fail, her need remains and she looks for someone else who can do that. If you want to prevent such incidents from happening to yourself start using Fildena 100 mg and Cenforce 200 mg for Sale, or can even Buy Vidalista 60. These drugs make your hanging penis into a giant hard penis that could sustain the erection for more than 4 hours. Extinguish all the fire of hormones bubbling inside her with your stamina and vigor. The advantage which you have while using these products is that these pills are PDE5 inhibitors. PDE5 is responsible for losing the erection after sexual intercourse has been done.

Fildena 100 mg and Cenforce 150 mg for Sale, or can even Buy Vidalista 60 as they are all PDE5 inhibitors; this means that even after the sexual intercourse has been done your penis will remain erect (in case you want to start a second round).

Effect on heart

ED if controlled within the initial first few days or week with doctor consultation then no effects on the heart. But if you do not get the ED treated the heart may malfunction as in ED blood supply is deficient in the body due to which penis is devoid of blood. Now, this creates a situation in which the heart is pumping the blood to other parts of the body but the blood is not reaching its destination. Such situations may increase blood pressure causing damage to cardiac tissues in the long run.

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Usually if consumed as per the dosage without altering the strength on your own there are no effects on the heart. It can only affect your heart or the cardiac tissues if you overdose on the drug. Overdose of ED pills should be avoided strictly as these can lead to unwanted side effects resulting in heart failure in some cases.

What most people whose heart gets affected with ED pills is that if due to some reasons they miss the dose of a day then the next day they try to compensate for the previous day by consuming a double dose of pills.

Effect on Lungs

ED is not a disease but a medical condition, hence the condition if not brought back to normal may get out of hand. In the recent studies regarding the relation between ED and lung disorders, it has been found that prolonged Erectile Dysfunction has more serious complications especially to organs like the liver and kidney.

People suffering from Erectile Dysfunction usually have a problem of breathlessness or shortness of breath. Without doing many mechanical tasks you are out of stamina and energy; the lungs are such situations are forced to work extensively leading to an increase in blood pressure in the lungs. Bronchial tissues are seriously affected by ED so it is better to get yourself checked and start your medication.


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