After you purchase an investment property, quite naturally its intrinsic value ramps up cumulatively. Similarly, it will also be incurred by a lump sum capital gains tax (CGT) by the Australian Taxation Office. Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is the duty levied on the gains which you make from the sale of a property. So, it is worthy of becoming familiar about how to save on your CGT optimally which can be quite beneficial for you. One of the best accountants Perth can provide you with the choicest assistance in this matter. 

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A Brief Introduction To Capital Gains Tax!

So, it’s better to become aware of what exactly Capital Gains Tax is. A capital gains tax as already told is the tax imposed on the gains which you glean after selling an investment property. Capital Gains Tax can also be levied on the potential shares which you’ve purchased until recently. On the contrary, if your selling price is less than the purchasing price, then, it is referred to as capital losses. Subsequently, you should subtract the loss or report your potential gains to the Australian Taxation Office. 

When To Pay A Capital Gains Tax (CGT) On Your Investment Property?

Remember, a CGT will apply if you are selling an investment property to acquire a substantial gain. On the contrary, if the property is your own dwelling, then, no Capital Gains Tax will apply on it. Besides, small business concessions will apply if the property is being used for a business-related purpose. In that case, you as a taxpayer will need to qualify in a number of tests as required by the Australian Taxation Office. Similarly, it might be the case that you bought the investment property prior to 20th September 1985. 

Let’s Move Ahead!

 If you bought the property before 20th September 1985, then, practically no Capital Gains Tax (CGT) will apply. However, if you have made some renovations or amendments, henceforth, the CGT will apply to them. This is because these improvements and remodelling jobs will be regarded as individual assets as per the ATO’s protocol. 

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A Conspicuous Idea About The Cost Of Capital Gains Tax!

Capital Gains Tax to be precise is regarded as an indispensable part of your income tax assessment.  This particular income tax assessment is conventionally related to your annual tax return. This is quite a crucial aspect to become aware of when it comes to gauging your Capital Gains Tax impeccably. The reason is you must know the income tax band triggered by your Capital Gains for the pertinent financial year. To get more pieces of information on this matter, you need to visit the official site of the Australian Taxation Office. 

Ways To Calculate CGT On A Property Perfectly!

To begin with, after you sell a certain investment property you either glean a reasonable amount of profit or loss. Capital Gains Tax is calculated based on the former in relation to your property. The tax deductions for which you are eligible, as well as the marginal tax rate, are also considered while making this calculation. A 50% discount generally applies to the gains if the property was held above twelve months. Conversely, certain people again don’t qualify for the discount. These include people like:  

  • Offshore residents who purchased the property after 8th May 2012 and 
  • The various Australian companies out there 

Again, SMSFs (self-managed super funds) will merely qualify for one-third portion of this particular discount. 

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Additional Information!

Gross capital gain is defined as the sale amount subtracted from the additional costs and the actual buying price of the property. Besides, you must include any additional earnings which you gleaned in the year of selling your property. This forms an imperative part when it comes to the CGT calculation of your investment property. This is because your marginal tax rate will influence the sum of CGT which you need to pay to the Australian Taxation Office. Remember, that CGT is not exclusive of income tax returns. Conversely, CGT forms a crucial part of it and must not be considered separately.  

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Strategies For Avoiding CGT On Your Investment Property!

You are entitled to a wide range of exemptions and concessions in related to the payment of your Capital Gains Tax. Besides, there are effective ways too for diminishing your net tax bill optimally. So, how all you can avoid paying CGT on the gains obtained from the selling price of your investment property? Keeping this question in mind, below are some key techniques to avoid paying CGT effectively. 

  1. Do Consider Partial Exemptions

You will become entitled to a 50% CGT discount in case you’ve held a property for more than twelve months. Subsequently, you will qualify for a partial exemption after you shift to a rental dwelling. By investing in cost-effective housing options, you can expect a 60% reduction on your CGT. In case, your primary residence becomes a business venue, then, you will still qualify for a CGT reduction. 

  1. Superannuation Investment

The standard rates of tax for SMSFs are 15% while its primary discount accounts for one-third of its portion. It implies that 10% is the maximum CGT rate. This rate is even less than that of the Australians ‘marginal tax rate. The pertinent rate will come down to zero if the SMSF member commences a comprehensive retirement pension from its assets. 

  1. Optimization Of The Main Residence Exemption

The gain will not be incurred by CGT if the property is your primary place of residence. Conversely, if the property was optimized to earn an income, then, this exemption will only apply partially. Hence, only half of the portion will be incurred by CGT and the other half will be exempted. 

Seek Professional Assistance!

Aside from reading today’s guide, it’s always better to seek professional help to save taxes on your Capital Gains optimally. A top-notch capital gains accountant is the sole person who will provide you with the most remunerative assistance in this matter.  Tax accountants Perth will help you to save taxes on your CGT impeccably aside giving you valuable professional suggestions and advice!


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