Slippery floors are dangerous, that’s why professional cleaners have signs that warn others of the floor being slippery. It is one of the most common causes of workplace injuries. But, it’s not just an issue at work, floors can be slippery at home and the injuries can often be more severe. This is because you generally have less room to fall and are more likely to injure yourself on other objects as well as the force of the fall.

Everyone should be aware of the best ways to eliminate slippery floors. 

Add A Coating 

Concrete floors can have non-slip epoxy floor coatings added. These are durable finishes available in a variety of colours that ensure the floor looks great but the likelihood of a slip is almost non-existent. 

The same is true for any type of flooring. While epoxy flooring isn’t always the answer, it can be used to replace an existing floor or you can add an anti-slip coating to your floor that works in a similar way. The coating will need to be for the type of floor you have but it will dramatically reduce the likelihood of slips, making it a worthwhile investment. 

Use Anti-Slip Mats

Alongside the coating or finish of your floor, you should invest in some anti-slip mats in the critical areas of your home or workplace. Simply take a few moments to consider when you need the most grip and place the mats in those positions. This might be on the stairs or perhaps in front of the couch. The choice is yours but they will help to ensure you and your loved ones stay upright. 

Keep them Clean

It should seem obvious but a clean floor is less likely to be a trip hazard. By cleaning them regularly with the recommended cleaning products you’ll be removing grease and other contaminants that increase the likelihood of someone slipping. 

It is best to avoid waxes that make the floor slippery and choose cleaning products that have a slip-resistant marker. 

If in doubt, you can always use vinegar to clean your floor. It is effective on all surface types. You’ll find it effortlessly eliminates grease, wax, and other hazardous products. 

However, as with any compound, when you’ve finished washing, dry the floor as thoroughly as possible afterward, moisture invites slips.

Absorbent Mats

There are several areas that are more likely to get wet and cause an accident. These areas focus on kitchens and bathrooms. The good news is they don’t have to be dangerous. Simply invest in absorbent mats and put them in these key areas. They will absorb moisture and provide grip, helping to keep you safe and avoid a slip.

Final Thoughts

If you are concerned about slips at home then you should invest in a panic alarm system and ensure there are adequate safety rails to help you move comfortably around your home. Remember, a fall can happen to anyone at any age and cause life-changing injuries. It is better to take steps now to prevent this from happening.