While it is tempting to dispose of sanitary products in the toilet this is not a good idea. Sanitary products don’t break down in the same way that toilet paper and human waste does. That means there is a high likelihood that the sanitary products will get stuck in the pipes and allow a clog to build.

Ultimately this can block the flow of waste down the pipes, resulting in sewage backing up into the home which is inconvenient and potentially hazardous to your health

Fortunately, you don’t need to throw sanitary products down the toilet. There is an easier way.

Wrapping & Binning

When you use a sanitary product you’ll need to remove it from its wrapper. The wrapper can then be disposed of in the bathroom bin. However, if you are replacing your sanitary product then the used one can be placed inside the wrapper of the new one. 

You will then be able to close the wrapper around the sanitary product and drop it in the bin. To ensure it is discrete and no leakage can occur, you may prefer to wrap it in a piece of toilet paper as well. 

If you are using tampons you may find that they don’t have an appropriate wrapper to dispose of your sanitary waste. In this case, simply use a wad of toilet paper. The size of the wad will depend on your personal needs. 

The Right Bin

Any bin can be used in the bathroom. However, it’s worth taking a look at what sanitary bins Sydney has to offer. You’ll find bins dedicated to sanitary waste. These have lids to prevent any leakage being seen, liners to prevent any issues inside the bin, and they are usually foot operated. That means you don’t even need to touch the bin to dispose of your sanitary products.

This is better for everyone’s health and ensures the waste is discreetly but effectively contained. 

Of course, sanitary waste may develop an odour, it is best to empty the bathroom bin regularly, every two days should prevent any aromas from developing. 

Don’t forget, although the bin is there for your convenience you are probably not the only person in your home. The easier it is for everyone to use it the better. 

Never Burn The Waste

Sanitary rubbish can be disposed of in a sealed bag inside your normal waste. However, if you use a sanitary bin designed specifically for the task you may find that the company which supplied it will regularly remove and empty it for you. 

One thing is certain, if you are looking at ways of disposing of your sanitary products, burning is not an option. When you burn these products you will release toxins into the air. These include furans and dioxins which have been linked to health issues.

The right bin looks stylish in your bathroom and makes disposing of sanitary products easy and hygienic. If you haven’t already looked at what is on offer, it’s time you did.