This article gives the latest Edens Zero Chapter160 introduction and also The Eden Zero Comic in brief.

Are you a fan of having comic books on your computer? If yes then you’ve come in the vicinity of an Japanese comic called Edens Zero. The comic has 135 chapters and the most recent chapter is out this morning.

The comic book fans are eager to find out what’s going on within The Edens Zero 160 Chapter across the United States and other countries. If you’re unfamiliar with the Edens Zero comic, we will discuss the story and the characters in it as well as the events in the chapter 160, in a brief manner.

About Eden Zero Comic

Edens Zero is a comic that is based on an Japanese sci-fi fantasy Manga series that was written and illustrated by Hero Mashima. The comic’s magazine was published in June 2018 and the chapters are collected into various number of volumes in 2021 September. The comic is distributed online in six languages.

The most recent release comes from Edens Zero 160 Chapter. The setting of the comic is in a universe that sentient humanoids, robots and aliens reside in. The majority of the elements used in comics are futuristic, such as the planets and places.

Who Are The Main Character In Eden Zero?

The main character in the comic Eden Zero, Demon King, Shiki Granbell, the four stars that sparkle in the comic: Demons King, Hermit Mio, Homura Kogetsu, and the sister Ivry.

The latest chapter, 160 features Seiji Hojo who came from the planet oedo along with Homura within chapter one hundred and sixty.

Edens Zero 160 Chapter

This character was made public today, which is on the 22 September 2021. the story occurs on the Aoi sea. Aoi sea. The chapter’s title refers to Scattering on the Starry Aoi Sea. In the beginning, the magazine features a story about Seiji Hojo who is from the OEDO planet, and is talking on the phone with Miss Homura.

Miss Homura is puzzled that Seiji is part of the Shogunate family and she apologizes for bending down to avoid her outrageous rudeness to Seiji. Seiji claims that they’ve were taught about Oedo planet, however Seiji believes that the system of class is useless and obsolete. This debate is taking place in Eden Zero Chapter with both characters.

Seiji and Homura are trying to become friends with each other right now. Seiji states that he would like to impart everything to Oedo people that he learned from space. And this is what impresses Homura. In addition, he says that all of the culture and class systems will be transformed and adapted to reflect the Oedo culture. Oedo.

Then Jesse is seen with a gun and demands Seiji to run away from Homura. However, he demands Jesse to take down the gun, and he says Homura is in their back. The scene continues to be chaotic there are explosions and chaos all around and eventually lead to Furena and Lizzare’s death.


The Edens Zero Chapter 160 was released today and at present we do not have any information on the specifics and topics of this chapter. Because of this, the article talks only about the chapter 160 in this comic. We also mentioned in the short Eden Zero Comic as well as the names of its principal characters, too.

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