If a mutual company is converted to a share company it is known as demutualization. Economical Mutual Insurance Company is now a share business after its demutualization was completed on the 23rd November 2021.

All eligible policyholders will receive the financial benefits following demutualization. When when the public initial offering is completed the company will assess and give these financial rewards to policyholders in the form cheques, cash as well as Definity shares.

The process has already begun and several people from Canada have received this Economical Demutualization Check. Now , they’re trying to determine whether the check is genuine or just a scam.

What is the Demutualization Cheque?

As the IPO of Economical Mutual Insurance Company is complete and has completed demutualization, this company is now planning to pay its financial rewards to eligible policy holders.

The company is able to calculate benefits and distribute the financial rewards to all policyholders who are eligible. Benefits from the financial plan are distributed between the policyholders of Canada.

Financial benefits are distributed between the policyholders through Definity Shares, cash or cheque. The process of disbursing the benefits could take several weeks, but it is expected to finish before 2021.

Who are Eligible for the Economical Demutualization Cheque ?

The eligibility of the financial benefit cheque is contingent on the policies you have from the Economical Mutual Insurance Company. There are two types of applicants who qualify.

  • Eligible Mutual Policyholders is the policyholder who has the mutual insurance policy of Economical Muttra Insurance Company since 3rd November 2015.
  • Non-Eligible Eligible Policyholder – It is the policyholder who holds the non-eligible policy for the company and has successfully completed the 12 months that ended on the 3rd November 2015 or has met the specific requirements to be eligible for an Economical Demutualization Cheque.

In 2016 the company sent letters to all eligible policyholders detailing the demutualization process as well as updating its list of non-eligible and eligible policyholders. In 2021, the firm also issued a letter to eligible policyholders , along with a about the circular as well as the proxy form for voting at the special meeting held.

How People are Reacting?

All policy holders who were eligible received demutualization benefits by cheque. Economical Insurance is in the process of sending cheques whether physically or electronically.

The recipients of the Economical Demutualization Cheque are contacting the this discussion forum. They are shocked to see the cheque with this size, which they didn’t expect.

A number of people have confirmed that the check came legitimate and is not a fraud. The check is for cash benefits of demutualization for Economical Mutual Insurance Company. This means it’s not a fraud since only eligible policyholders were given the check.


Economical Mutual Insurance Company has announced its demutualization in November 2021. Since then, it has transformed into a share company that is a subsidiary of Mutual Insurance Company. The financial benefits are equally distributed to all eligible policyholders through economic demutualization cheques and Definity Shares.

Any person who has was issued a benefit payment cheque should not be surprised as it comes was issued by the company to benefit demutualization benefits to the policy holders who are eligible.