Are you an American citizen and have a debit card in your mailbox? Are you thinking about playing? Then no. You can hear about the Economic Impact Payment Card Scam, but let’s know the truth behind it.

People in the United States are well aware of the CARES 2020 Act when the pandemic hit the world. Severely affecting the human race, it has destroyed many of the world’s economies.

To sustain the already recessionary US economy, policymakers drafted a bill that financed and supported small and large companies. This article will open the same topic.

What is the EIP card?

According to the law, taxpayers will receive a stimulus check with some amount to spend by the US government. An Economic Impact Payment Card, short for IEP Card, is a prepaid debit card that the US Treasury used to distribute the stimulus payment.

What is the Economic Impact Payment Card Scam?

Many citizens of the United States may think it is a scam or how they can get free money in their mailbox. But in reality, it is not a fraud, but a scheme provided by the US government to raise the economy through spending. So keep your EIP card secure. For more than $ 2 trillion, it is the largest aid package for the economy to date. But remember, it will come in a white envelope with the US Department of the Treasury seal and a return address as “Economic Impact Payment Card”. Therefore, never trust another entity saying that it is providing this card under false pretenses.

What is happening in the economic impact payment card scheme?

As we explained above, it is not a scam and it is safe under the US government. The IRS and the Treasury started sending about 8 million American IEPs through a debit card.

These cards are safe and secure for online transactions or any store that accepts VISA debit cards. But first, you need to activate it. In our next section, learn how to do this.

How to activate the IEP card

You do not have to pay any fees to activate your IEP card. If you want to see your balance and transaction history, visit whenever you want. Always remember that the Economic Impact Payment Card Scam is not a fraud or a trap.

• To activate your card, call 800-240-8100, a toll-free number.

• Next, you will provide your name, address and Social Security number.

• Next, you will have to create a four-digit PIN for ATM transactions.

• If your card has more than one name, the primary cardholder can only activate it.

Final verdict

EIP cards are being distributed to all eligible people in all 50 states. Thus, it may be possible for citizens who received a paper check in the first round to receive an EIP card in the second round and vice versa.

This is done by the Treasury Department’s Tax Service Bureau; therefore, the economic impact payment card scam is absolutely safe and authentic. President Trump gave the United States Treasury debit card program a green light to rescue the economy in crisis because of the severe global pandemic. So don’t throw the card away. Share your opinion about this rescue program with us in the feedback section.