You’re probably having a heavy heart since you have no money in your wallet to pay for a killer marketing strategy for your eBook, but there is good news for you!

The good part of online marketing is that you have much privilege to opt for a wiser strategy that works best for you. Today when marketing has become a luxurious service to hire and get your service promoted, there are still some ways that work perfectly to market your book even if you have zero money in your pocket. So if you have no money and want to promote your eBook, this article is an answer to your queries.

Top Marketing Tips For Your Book That Need Only Strategy

1. Create a Landing Page That Matter

Making a landing page can never go wrong. Although landing page is not something that has a direct marketing approach yet for those who have no money it is no less than a rescue option. Your ultimate purpose is to get people to the eBook landing page and get them to download it. While making the landing page research fully and write the copy that is impressive. If your eBook is paid, link the landing page to the payment gateway.

2. Promote it on your Website

Promoting your book on your website is something that has a considerable success rate. Optimize your website and get the visitor rate high. You can consider;

  • Including the eBook pop-up banner on your site
  • Adding the ‘Download the eBook’ CTA on the top performing posts
  • Make an eBook slide for your homepage slider

3. Prefer Social Media for Promotion

If you aren’t promoting your book on social media as of yet consider it. Social media promotion is a cost-effective marketing strategy that is highly recommended for your eBook advertisements. Without spending money promote your book on a platform where your audience is available in majority. There are many platforms where you can market your book including

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Linkedin
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Slideshare
  • Quora
  • Reddit
  • Google Plus

4. Content Sharing Platforms

Like mentioned before, when you have an online medium to market your book, there is no shortage of choice you can go about. Like social media platforms you can also explore many other content sharing mediums that give exposure to your eBook in less time span. Get your audience from every possible way and make your presence wherever your readers are. There are endless platform that you can market you book on and to name a few you have

  • Medium
  • StumbleUpon

5. Get Help from Tools

There are many tools that can help you promote your book on social media. One such tool is Viral Content Bee! In this tool you have the agenda of, share my post and I’ll do the same! There are many more tools such as Pay With a Tweet that you can consider. All you have to do is to explore and pick that suit the best.

6. Consider Guest Posting

Guest posting or blogging is the professional way that needs no money to market your book. If you talk about another popular and professional way of marketing your eBook that doesn’t need any money you have the guest posting approach. Plus it will also strengthen your brand name, authority and reach towards a wider audience. You can consider any relevant and demanding website such as BookWritingCube that can provide you with a positive response in return.

7. Reach out to the Regular Email

Another no-money eBook marketing tip is the email reach out. For that you can;

  • Enroll yourself in Amazon KDP select program and market for free.
  • Host a free webinar and get publicity for the eBook
  • Update your email signature and add page URL

 8. Consider Website That Do Work For You

There are some trustworthy websites that do not charge you any money to publish your eBook there. However before selecting and finalizing the website we recommend you to study the insights and policies of the site thoroughly. Some of the top eBook publishing and sites are as follow;

  • Inkitt
  • Indie Author News
  • This Is Writing
  • E Reader Love
  • Frugal Freebies
  • Book Angel
  • Free Books
  • I Crave Freebies
  • Totally Free Stuff
  • Korner Konnection