This article details the character of the player who caused chaos among the people.

Do you know the Roblox gaming platform? Do you want to know more about the new Roblox game? One new gamer character that is gaining ground in the gaming world will help you understand this post.

Eating Glue Face Roblox is a new character in the trend-setting Roblox series. Since kids are also interested in this game, people especially from Philippines and United States want to know about this new player character.

So let’s start our conversation about this character and explore it more. But first, let’s describe what Roblox is available for this character.

About Roblox

Roblox is a gaming application that offers game lovers a platform to create and enjoy a game. It’s free, but there is an in-game currency you can buy and enjoy. Provides game administrators with forums to create games, introduce characters, and distribute them to people.

About eating Glue Face Roblox

This is a user-generated character named “lilaclovelyclove” in the game. Using a character in the game is easy and individuals can use them directly.

“It’s a character where Glue represents the sweat from your forehead and mouth, and the narrative is,“ Stop eating all the glue! How do I complete a project with school? “

This character has attracted people’s interest and they want the character to be studied further.

Who Made Eating Glue Face Roblox?

This character was created by a user, namely lilaclovelyclove, to highlight the beauty of the game.

It is an emotion where the color of the face is sweaty and red. The photo is unsuitable for children and has sparked a battle between people.

How did Roblox react to this character?

People’s negative outrage about this character prompted Roblox to take action against her. On the Roblox website, the lilaclovecyclove account was banned and the new character was removed from Roblox.

Therefore, the character Eating Glue Face Roblox is now removed from the game and the creator of the game has no access to Roblox.


Roblox is a popular game site that provides users with a forum for game lovers to create games. Has a network of contacts between children and the elderly. So, if this is unacceptable, every player character in the game will affect children. In the game, Roblox had one such obscene character that caused chaos among individuals, especially in the Philippines and the United States. This prompted Roblox to ban both the character and the developer’s account.

Therefore, the character Eating Glue Face Roblox is no longer used and has been banned by the website.

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