Eat This Much .com is one such site which functions as a guide for the consumers at the United States by directing them on different aspects of diet and maintaining a nutrition chart.

Who wouldn’t like to keep a tab on how much you consume and the calorie intake, thereby controlling your general nutrition? The site claims to be the ideal confidante for consumers in assisting them eat in perfect quantity, from counting calories to deciding weekly meals.

Herein, we bring users a thorough insight into the site and check its legitimacy to save clients from getting duped.

A Few Words about Eat That Much .com

Eat This is a site started by a small business in the United States that claims to provide users the support and tool for controlling their nutrition.

It puts your daily diet by creating a personalized meal plan depending on the consumer’s food, schedule, and budget taste. Besides, users are also provided additional support that makes it effortless to reach the goal in the form of a calorie calculator, intending weekly meals based on the supermarket you have at your disposal.

Thus, you are able to get your meal plan set in few seconds by filling in the website’s data. Apart from accessing Eat This Much .com, users may even download the mobile program in their Android and Apple programs through Playstore and Appstore, respectively.

Which are its Features?

The Eat This Much program consists of diverse features that make it easy for users to implement their diet. It comprises:

Customize your varied eating styles, including vegan and paleo, fitting consumer needs and preferences

Add to your virtual cabinet, and the app’s algorithms will use up it as a priority

own your program of what to consume

Do not miss your meals due to missing ingredients

Inspection your weekly meals and update your grocery list automatically

Is Eat This Far .com Legit or a Scam?

The website has an average trust rating of 59%. What’s more, the domain of the site was made nine years before on 23/03/2012 and updated lately.

Further checking because of its validity, the site has a 4-star score on Playstore and 4.7 on the Appstore. Besides, on checking the site, we found that it will have an existence on various social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, along with also an email address for resolving inquiries.

What is Client Response?

Thus, based on the above criterion, we can conclude the site to become legit and not a scam.


Eat This Much .com allows users to keep a tab on their calorie intake by preparing their own meal program virtually using the app’s algorithm. Although the site is legit using an average trust score and presence on playstore and Appstore, we urge users research in their conclusion too before you begin using the website.

Have you ever utilized the Eat This Much website or app? How was your experience?