These days it’s not uncommon for your doctor or a friend to recommend that you need to add protein to your diet. If the recommendation comes from the doctor, it’s certainly better-qualified advice. The problem that you’re faced with now though, is that you’re not necessarily a fan of protein shakes. Maybe, it’s not the powder that you’re against, but you are lactose intolerant. Drinking milk, even if it’s supposedly lactose free, fat free, and all of those things may not be something you’re thrilled about. Is there an easy way to get protein into your diet? There are actually a couple. Let’s talk first about what can happen if you go without protein. 

What Are The Benefits of Adding Protein Into Your Diet?

A lot of people think that protein, or an extra dose of protein if you will, is reserved for bodybuilders. If you are not hitting the gym hard enough protein is a bad thing since it may add to weight gain. That’s not necessarily true. Protein helps reduce muscle loss. Therefore, it can provide plenty of benefits. Particularly when you move past your 40s, 50s, and so on. If you can add some exercise to your daily routine, you can do even better for yourself.

Protein can Help Curb Hunger

Another benefit that protein can bring to the table is what’s called curbing hunger. Essentially this means that you’re going to feel less hungry. This is going to allow you to go about your day without necessarily feeling tired. If you keep a more or less active life getting that extra dose of protein instead of a heavy breakfast, for example, can end up helping you lose weight and feel better overall. These are just a few of the benefits that you could potentially obtain from giving yourself an extra dose of protein in your daily life. 

Get Protein Through Foods That You Actually Like

A truly easy way to get protein into your diet without turning to shakes is to make protein cookies. There are actually multiple recipes that you can follow. Which, in turn, are going to allow you to make cookies with a wide variety of flavors. You may be thinking that you can avoid the work and just go out and buy protein bars. We understand that a lot of folks don’t love to be in the kitchen. Most protein bars on the market today, are usually filled with sugar and other additives. Which, almost makes getting that extra protein a bad thing.

If you give some of these healthy recipes a chance you may find a new snack that you didn’t know you could enjoy so much. While, of course, also being able to obtain the health benefits that you get from that extra dose of protein. The way that we see it, the risk that you’re taking in trying homemade protein cookies is minimal. The potential reward, on the other hand, could be very significant.