Upcycling involves modifying old pieces or products to either give them a newer appearance or totally transform their look and function. Upcycling enables you to do more with old belongings such as furniture in a way that is creative, cost-effective, and sustainable. So if you’re looking to transform old-looking furniture or items that you no longer have use for, here are some easy upcycling hacks you can try.

A fresh new look for your dining chairs

Instead of buying a new set of dining chairs, changing the look of your existing ones is a more cost-effective option. You can strip them of their current colours and proceed to have them painted in a new colour and finish of your choice. In order to avoid mistakes, ensure that the stripping and painting are done by a furniture restoration London company. For an added flair, you can also try to accessorise your dining table with items like stemmed candles and placemats.

Use old crates for storage

This can be an easy upcycling hack for your living room. All you need is the right tools (wooden crates, sandpaper, angle or L- brackets, a power drill, screws, and paint) coupled with a little know-how and a touch of creativity. If you intend to take this on as a DIY project, below is a helpful guide;

Start by rubbing your sandpaper over the crate’s exterior until you get even smoothness all over while taking special care around the corners. Ensure to rub against the grain as this offers the best results. 

Once sanding is completed, you can change the appearance of the crate by either staining it with wood stain, spray painting, or applying gloss (for a lacquered look while maintaining its original rustic style). 

The next step is assembling, which can be a bit technical. A power drill should be used to screw the L-brackets to the areas of the wall where you intend to place the new shelves. Once screwed in, you can attach the bottom of each crate to the L-brackets.

Antique table restoration involves the careful and skilled process of refurbishing or repairing aged tables, aiming to preserve their original appearance, structural integrity, and historical value.

Repurpose old mirror frames

Many old and antique-styled mirrors always come with beautiful and unique frames, so if you have some of those antique-styled mirrors with nice frames but no longer have use for them, don’t throw them away. You can upcycle and use them as frames for pictures or paintings. 

Overhaul your wardrobe

Wardrobes are large furniture items which means that replacing them can make a serious dent in your pocket. Fortunately, by combining creativity with a few DIY tricks, you transform both the look and functionality of your wardrobe. For example, your wardrobe can be wallpapered if it has internal panels. As for built-in wardrobes, you can effectively re-panel them by glueing thin strips of wood onto their front. For a little extra flair, you can add a new metallic door knob or handle.


There are different furniture and home improvement trends that you can adopt as a homeowner and one of such trends is furniture upcycling. In addition to being a highly cost effective way to transform old furniture, it offers the benefit of being environmentally friendly and with the hacks mentioned above, you should be able to start transforming your old furniture in no time.