Using your wheelchair for a long time. Does it make you feel uncomfortable and cramped? Are you finding it quite difficult to move from one place to another? Is it not in accordance with your size? It is advisable to stop using your existing wheelchair and switch on to something else that will help you to move around freely rather than making you feel suffocating. You must be wondering which device are we hinting at? It comes with all the benefits that larger users can use. One thing that is important apart from mobility, is comfort and safety, and in these areas, the device is a perfect match.

If independence to move around is what you seek, then these wheelchairs are for you. A bariatric wheelchairhelps you to move around freely, thus retaining your autonomy. Hence, without being uncomfortable or comprising your safety or without anyone’s assistance, with the help of this wheelchair leave the comfort of your home and go out. You can easily get the essentials from a nearby shopping store, visit your friends. As soon as you become mobile with the help of this device, you will see there is more social interaction. When you go out of the house or meet friends, you will notice that you have good mental health, thus leading to a high quality of life.

With a bariatric wheelchair, there is the chance of increased security and comfort for all heavy users. This device is designed in such as to accommodate the increased side of the user while providing a comfortable experience for the user. The wheelchair is made in such a way considering the size and weight of the user. The frames on the wheelchair are built in such a way that they are capable to carry more weight.

The features of the bariatric wheelchair-

  • The capacity of every wheelchair differs from one to another. As compared to another conventional wheelchair, this wheelchair can carry up to 850 pounds as against 600 pounds. Since every model varies, look for the wheelchair that suits your size and requirements
  • The width of the chair is important. While sitting in the wheelchair you must not feel stuck. If you get the wheelchair too small, you would not want to feel uncomfortable while sitting down.
  • Some wheelchairs can be easily folded and be transported, thus making it easier to go for long trips. Most of these kinds of wheelchairs can be easily folded down to fit in a vehicle, the armrests can be taken off, while the footrests can be removed too. If you are one of those who had to constantly leave the house for some work or the other, then a bariatric wheelchair is your best option. Before traveling too far check carefully the wheels of the wheelchairs. Find out that the wheelchair is compatible with the terrain that you are going to travel on. Some manual wheelchairs can be driven off to paved road or even difficult terrains, whiles other might be using at home.

After understanding the features, you need to know that many of these wheelchairs come with adjustable parts. Understanding your need becomes crucial. Hence, you can customize the armrest, seat height, and also footrests. Make your choice and let not your body size impact your mobility. When you are unable to go around, it makes your world limited and in a way affects your mental health, thus limiting the enjoyable experiences. Get onto the bariatric wheelchair and move out of the house and have fun, without sacrificing your safety and comfort.