Everyone knows that driving a car is terrible for the environment. It’s bad for the planet, and it’s bad for your bank account. But that doesn’t mean you must ignore your love of the open road. Well, at least not entirely. Electric commuter bikes are a great alternative that’s both eco-friendly and fun—no more sweating in traffic or having to pay exorbitant parking fees. Instead, you can enjoy the ride, and it’s much easier to stay. 

Though going out for a bike ride can be a fun and healthy activity, it can also be inconvenient. If you’re new to cycling, you might need to deal with steep hills, or if you have a long commute, you probably spend several hours in traffic. A solution to these problems is the commute ebike. Learn how Addmotor’s commuter bike can make your life easier.


How can Addmotor commuters ebikes ease your life?

Addmotor electric commuter bicycle are a great way to get around town, especially if you don’t have a car. They can help decrease your carbon footprint, save money, and reduce your risk of injury. Here are the top 4 ways that e-bikes can ease your way-

  1.  Travel Faster 

Traveling on hotter days like summer can give you a daunting experience, especially on a traditional bike. You have to suffer the sun’s heat and traffic which can result in a lot of sweating. On the other hand, you have to spend a lot of time on the road giving you unwanted experiences. Addmotor commuter ebike can save you from this terrible experience. 

The basic concept of electric commuter bikes is that the harder you pedal, the more assistance the electronic system provides. With some models, this turbo boost will let you travel at speeds of up to 25 km/h. However, most commuter ebikes include customizable settings that let you change the turbo boost speed.

  1.  Easy pedaling 

Let’s say you must ride a standard bicycle to your house while feeling exhausted from your busy daily routine at work. We know that most of you think negatively about us for saying this.  We can understand that you will not go home on a traditional bicycle because a traditional bicycle needs more energy to do the same, which would be impossible for you after a hectic day. Addmotor e-bikes can make the pedaling of the commuter electric bicycle.

Electric commuter bike provides all of the liberty and efficiency of a traditional bike without the additional leg work. There is no need to push through, wearing out your legs on those long rides because the pedal assists motor kicks in when you need it the most. In addition, some commuter e-bikes have throttling features that start the motor with the simple push of a button.

  1.  Healthy ride

As you all know, riding in traditional vehicles can harm the environment and affects our health. Many humans are facing severe health issues due to air pollution. Moreover, riding in a traditional vehicle also makes humans lazy as they do not perform a needed workout daily, resulting in several health issues. Addmotors commuting e-bikes can give a healthy ride to you because they do not use any fossil fuel in operation.

Moreover, e-bikes allow you to ride longer, farther, and faster, making them the best choice for navigating hills and steep roads. E-bike riding has also improved our motor functioning, resulting in more control over our entire functioning. It is the cause of some of the regular bikers noticing better handwriting and better coordination between their hands and legs.

  1.  Save money 

Riding on the best commuter ebike will not only make your way easy but also help you to save more money. Owning a traditional vehicle can be far more expensive than owning an e-bike due to maintenance costs. According to a calculation made by the brains at Addmotor Bikes, switching from a car to an e-bike for something like your daily commute can result in savings of up to $7,409 over a year.


The way we commute is also changing as technology continues to grow. Some changes are for the better, like the increased availability and affordability of mobility devices like electric bikes. So the next time you’re stuck in traffic, look out for the commuter ebike rider.