Would you love playing battle Royal online games in your leisure time? Would you want to understand how to Earn Gun Master Medal in BR? If yes, then you need to dig into this article.

Battle Royal Is a popular and exciting game for gamers that love to fight battles and win medals. Players, particularly in the United States and the Philippines, are continuously putting their endeavors to win the award.

After reading this Guide, you would know how to earn the gun Master medal in Royale’s combat.

What’s a Battle Royale Game about?

It is an online videogame In which you can also Earn Gun Master Medal in BR. It may be played with multi-players mixing the survival game parts with the remaining man gameplay.

Countless gamers Can play simultaneously on this platform with originally minimal equipment. Whilst getting ahead in the sport should eliminate all the competitors without coming from this shrinking safe location.

The last person or last team in the secure area would be considered the winner and awarded the Gun master trophy.

Let farther read about the method to deserve the Gun master decoration.

How do you Earn Gun Master Medal in BR?

Gun master Medal is an Exclusive medal in the Battle Royale game. This usually means you could just win this alloy by combating the battles in Battle Royale games. For this, you need to kill 8 Enemies in one match, after collecting your squad and selecting any of the accessible BR maps.

You Can’t acquire this decoration in warfare manner; rather, you can go For the Alcatraz map since it allows you to respawn after get killed as the map is miniature.

Just how many Medals are there in this game?

Call on Duty cellular title is the most popular name in the game battle royale genre. It rewards its gamers with awards after finishing the specified task.

In BR as there are 86 awards, one of which 43 could be gotten in Multiplayer mode and 27 in Battle Royale mode.

Hence, the gun master medal can be obtained in BR style.

Following are the benefits after winning the gun master medal:

· You can get 15X weapons XP cards but only in the seasonal occasion.

· You will get 6000 battle pass XP.

· A new personality Javier Salazar will be unlocked only for a special assignment.

COD enables its players to win the medals, especially the gun Master decoration, which can be exclusively available in battle Royale mode.

To Earn Gun Master Medal In BR, you have to complete the specified task. Then only would you be eligible to get the decoration and benefits associated with it.

So, if you’re looking for an extremely thrilling and adventurous Fight around you, then you can opt for a Battle Royale game.

How many medals are you won yet? Please comment in the comment section below.