If you’re a committed lover of the gaming Dying Light 2, you are likely to have heard about the first hub players will encounter during the game, called the Bazaar. Settlement in the game by hiding a safe offers an exclusive reward for players.

There are several safes throughout The city in Dying Light 2. they are all in the same area that is the safe. The majority of the safes are very easy to open, however the safety of the Bazaar is difficult to open.

Players from Australia, the United States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom are eager to get to know about what’s happening at the Dying Light 2 Bazaar.

What is the Bazaar Dying Light 2 Safe Code?

The Bazaar Dying Light 2 Safe Code contains three codes of a numerical code that allow players to open the safe in the Bazaar. The safe code gives the key to unlock the safe in Bazaar’s Church Tower location of Bazaar.

Fortunately it is very close in proximity to that safe. However, the biggest problem lies in the fact that it is located in two different corners in the room that is stuffed with things. The players must go to the area to unlock the safe with Dying Light 2 Secure Code Bazaar.

Where is Bazaar Safe Located?

The Bazaar Safe is situated on in the upper part of the church’s tower. It is accessible to players via climbing the tower from the outside of the Bazaar, using the stalls and scaffolding that runs across the top of the tower.

Players must reach the roof in a timely manner with the help of the stalls that are located across the tower or making best decisions during The Missing Person side quest. Once you have reached the roof, you must head to the darkroom and find the safe that is near the radio and lantern.

What is the Dying Light 2 Safe Code Bazaar to Unlock It?

People who want to open the safe must be able to find the correct combinations of codes for safes. The players don’t need to go anyplace to locate the safe code because the clue is located in the darkroom. The players must locate the page where the clues are listed to locate the safe codes.

The note is hidden in the background of the black and yellow skill poster that is hung across the room. The players must use their math skills to figure out the perfect combination.

When they receive the note, the players will need to study it. Upon reading, they’ll find numbers like 5×100+15-5= ……Here you need to utilize their expertise to locate their way to the Dying Light 2 Safe Code bazaar. The players who can solve the solution to this puzzle will be able to obtain the safe code needed to open the safe.

For those who don’t wish to compute The solution is simply 510. Therefore, they must enter the code 510 in order to open the safe inside the Bazaar.


Dying Light Fans who are interested at unlocking their safe require to know the code for the safe. The code is in the room. It is required for players to locate the safe code. After unlocking the safe, players would gain access to an artifact collector, Carl’s Journal #4. It’s the final cost of Journal which is also available. There are three additional tapes that players can unlock on the map of the game.

Also, make use of 510 as an option to enter the Dying Light 2 Safe code bazaar for unlocking the box of mystery and then redeem the item to continue within the game.