Do you shop online often? There is a huge selection of products offered by online shops. Online shopping is a popular option. This puts you at risk, as many websites online are fraudulent.

This is why we are talking about Duocirge. It is currently present in the United United. You can find all the details of the site in the Duocirge Reviews .

Short Introduction to Duocirge Website

Duocirge, which was launched on 2022/05/13 is a newly created website. This website sells bags as well musical instruments and various equipment. This website claims that they sell quality products at low prices. Their prices vary from high-end to low-end. The portal doesn’t offer any discounts.

They have also given their contact details, but the owner is not known. We will be able to find out more information from the specifications. Duocirge Legit Scam or Not?

Key Specifications of the Portal

  • Domain Foundation Day-Website was established on 2022/05/13. That’s just 2 months away.
  • NewsletterThere is no subscription option.
  • Shipping Times – Products can be shipped in 8-12 days. Shipping costs are also free in the United Kingdom or the United States.
  • Email Id- Mail us at here [email protected].
  • Contact:United Kingdom at 7 Chalcot Rd London, NW1-8LH.
  • Payment methods – These payment methods are via Visa and Master Card.
  • Products Offered –Bags, musical instruments and types of equipment
  • Contact Phone Number-their telephone number is +44 750 231 3366.
  • Return Policy: Items can only be returned within 14-days.
  • Refund Policy Check out Duocirge Reviews for details.
  • Products Exchange Policy –Products exchangeable within 14 days
  • Website Link-

Let’s look at the cons and advantages of the portal.

Advantages to the portal

  • The Portal and Url names for the website are the same.
  • The protocol of HTTPS is used to protect the portal.
  • There is no shipping charge

Disadvantages from the portal

  • There are no rebates, which is bad news.
  • The newsletter is not available on their website.
  • No customer reviews could be found on any of the review sites.
  • Social media accounts do not exist.
  • Owner information is not currently available.
  • Contact information is not correct.

Is Duocirge Legit? Or Fake

To determine the legitimacy and authenticity of this website, we must first go through its checkpoints.

  • SocialMedia Presence- Only one social media account is allowed.
  • Trust score- It is currently at 1%, which is quite low.
  • Trust Rating- This website has a trust ranking of only 58.4%. This is a very low rank.
  • Customer Comments- There is no review available. This is a problem.
  • Discounts –Discounts can not be applied to any product currently.
  • Policies-Policies have all been appropriately mentioned.
  • Quality content – Obtain information via Duocirge Reviews to learn more about our content. 93% of it is plagiarized.
  • Authenticity of the Address- This fake address is extremely suspicious.
  • Owner’s Information –Website did not provide any information regarding its owner.
  • Domain Formation Date-Domain has been formed on 2022/05/13. This domain is new and cannot therefore be trusted.
  • Website expiry date-Website remains valid through 2023/05/13

Customer Comments

We went through each site and found no customer reviews. No customer feedback has been received. This website is also missing any article-based reviews and evaluations. It appears suspicious. It could also be that the website is brand new.


It’s a new website without a social media profile, hasn’t provided genuine contact details, trust is very low. However, the most important aspect is the lack of customer feedback. For now, the portal seems suspicious. But, you can investigate.