When summer hits, the first thing we do to combat the heat is go for the air conditioner’s remote control. Ducted evaporative air conditioning Perth is noted for its low energy footprint, but it may consume a substantial quantity of water if the settings are kept the same.

This summer’s high water bill may be due to this factor.

The operation of evaporative air conditioners involves pushing warm air through pads saturated in water that serve as filters. The subsequent evaporation causes the air to chill. Maintaining a steady water flow is essential to the evaporative cooling process. The unit’s quality management system uses water to avoid the buildup of salt.

Due to the high temperatures in Perth, the pads may lose around one hundred litres of water every hour. Because of this, your yearly water consumption might reach 30,000 litres. This amount might be much higher in regions with lower average precipitation.

Conserve Water While Cooling Your House

The following are some easy steps that you may take to increase the water efficiency of your evaporative air conditioning system.

Regularly Do System Maintenance And Cleaning

Maintaining and cleaning the mechanism that controls your air conditioner on a regular basis can help ensure that it continues to operate as effectively as possible.

Get A Yearly Service Every Summer.

Contact an authorised commercial air conditioning installation firm about doing a summer start-up service. They may check for leaks, remove any salt accumulation, adjust the bleed-off rate, clean or replace your filter pads, and recheck for leaks. It is the most effective way to reduce your water use while keeping the performance of your air conditioner. Using the search engine, you may find a plumber who is concerned about water saving.

Filter Pads Should Be Cleaned.

It is critical to the efficiency of an evaporative cooling system that a high degree of cleanliness must be maintained throughout its operation. If the filter pads on your evaporative cooler are allowed to get clogged with dust, dirt, and other debris over time, the performance of your cooler may suffer as a result. Refer to the user manual of your device or get in contact with an expert technician to get instructions on how to clean the filter pads that are included in your system.

Keep The Flow Under Control.

Ducted evaporative air conditioning Perth includes a bleed-off or dump-style drain that allows water to escape while the unit is operating. This is done to prevent the accumulation of contaminants in order to maintain control over the water’s quality. If you operate your air conditioner at the appropriate bleed rate, you may reduce the amount of money you spend on your monthly water bill while keeping your house at a pleasant temperature.

Your evaporative air conditioner’s “bleed” frequency must be between 11 and 20 litres every hour if you want the pads to continue to be in pristine condition (based on your system’s specifications). That is enough to quickly fill a standard beverage can, which has a capacity of 375 millilitres and takes one minute to do so.

Bleed rates for modern air conditioners, which are more water-efficient, may be as low as 3 litres per hour. Get in touch with an authorised service provider so they can ensure that the bleed-off rate on your system is adjusted to the bare minimum that is necessary for it.

How To Determine Your Bleed-Off Rate

  1. Install a bucket either underneath the point where your air conditioner leaks or at the end of the bleed-off pipe.
  2. After half an hour, you should check to see how much it has filled up.
  3. After thirty minutes, a well-functioning air conditioner would only fill a bucket to the halfway point. This is around 5.5 litres, which translates to 11 litres per hour.
  4. If the bucket is filled to capacity, the rate of bleeding can be dangerously excessive. A malfunctioning ball valve that requires either adjustment or replacement may potentially be the cause of a high bleed loss. This is the same as having a running toilet, except it is up on the roof where no one can see it. Get some guidance by getting in touch with commercial electricians Perth, technicians, or plumbers. Utilising our search engine, you may locate a water conservation expert in your area.

Make The Most Of Your Evaporative Air Conditioner’s Settings

Use The ‘Fan Only’ Mode.

The air conditioner should be set to “fan only” for two hours a day, at night, and on humid days. The amount of water you consume will be drastically reduced. In addition, on humid days, you should use the fan to avoid turning your house into a sauna.

Program The Timer To Shut Off At Night And While You Are Gone.

Do you have a timer for your air conditioner? If so, programme it to shut off automatically when you go to bed or when you wake up. When travelling away for the holidays, it is also important to remember to switch off the air conditioner to save money on utilities.

Keep Windows And Doors Open.

When cooling a room, open all doors and windows (if feasible) to let in fresh air from outside. A lack of enough vents can decrease the efficiency of your air conditioner. The fan may also be subjected to excessive force.

Wrap Up

Evaporative air conditioners ensure that the air in your house is of high quality, which is one of the many reasons why they are so popular. If you have an evaporative cooling system, you may keep the doors and windows open. In fact, leaving at least one window or door open is required for the system to function properly. This function ensures that there is a continuous supply of clean and fresh air.