Ducted air conditioning is quite an expensive option, and therefore, it is very important to understand what will be involved as far as their maintenance is concerned. Even missing any small step can also cause drastic problem and as a result, you may end up sweating out during the summer.

Cool Times has been installing the Brisbane Ducted Air Conditioningsystemsince the year 1993 and now has grown into a market leader with a high reputation for quality in this industry. The following are a few essential tips suggested by the company experts to ensure that your air conditioner will run efficiently for many years to come.

  1. Clean and replace filters regularly

Cleaning and replacing filters are a very easy maintenance step that most people must be aware of, but it is very often forgotten until a system performance gets deteriorated. The longer you avoid this simple maintenance step, the worse your air conditioner can become.

For efficient working of your duct system, you must clean the filters at least once every 6 months. There are a few systems where you get a message when it’s time to clean the filters.

  1. Annual professional inspection

You must organise a professional visit on yearly basis from any nearby HVAC experts to inspect and service the unit. Your annual service must include:

  • Checking your unit’s performance
  • Ensure that a high-quality installation has been maintained
  • Testing for any presence of leak or poorly working seals
  • Checking the functionality of your thermostat
  • Taking measures against wear and tear, electrical faults, and poor airflow
  • Checking for any unhealthy mould development.
  1. Be familiar with your product

As a user, you need to be familiar with the system and know how you can change your filters and also how to clean them. You must know the functioning of each unit so that in case you need to call any professional to report any problem, you should be able to report the problem accurately so that it becomes easier for them to come prepared for troubleshooting.

  1. Check your usage

Ensure that you and also your family are always setting the system to a manageable and sensible, temperature. Have you attempted pre-cooling? Particularly this is a very good idea in the area like Brisbane during the harsh climate.

When hot days are coming then you can cool the home the night before, and leave a residual coolness throughout your house that won’t need you cranking your system.

  1. Teach your family

Usually, the biggest issue that will be faced when it will be related to repair and maintenance during accidental damage. Therefore, you must teach your family a few do’s and don’ts so that they do not mishandle the system while it is running.

You may spend a little time and offer them a small training to handle your air conditioning system and make sure that no mishandling may take place. Unless you are also an HVAC professional, avoid taking up any major repair or troubleshooting of the air conditioning system in a DIY way.