Over the years, air duct cleaning has become an important phenomenon in a domestic and commercial setting. Over the years, technology has become powerful and has enhanced the industry standards. With advanced technology, the quality of air has improved and decreases the air pollution level. However, it is always safe to hire a professional expert in handling your air duct cleaning process. But if you require doing the cleaning process by own then there are few methods you need to follow or know about. There are various methods and processes in Air Duct Cleaning Chicago.

Now, let’s look at the different duct cleaning processes and methods to know about:

  • Source Removal

The Commercial Duct Cleaning method and process involve source removal. Source Removal works as a mechanical process system that aids in removing piles of debris and dust that have clogged the air duct. The stubborn the debris and dust particles get stick to the air duct which requires two-deep removal processes:

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It helps to remove the stubborn dust and debris by extracting the HVAC system. This process continues to perform until it reaches the industry standard. 

Mechanical Agitation:

Mechanical Agitation helps or aids to release the stubborn debris from the air duct of the HVAC system. It helps in the deep cleaning process to remove the excess dust and debris from the walls of the HVAC system. 

Different Air Duct Cleaning Methods and Processes

  • Air duct cleaning with steaming method

Air duct cleaning with the steaming method produces high-temperature and high-pressure that washes out the debris and dust from the walls of the air duct. Therefore, it works as a vacuum that put pressure to remove the dirt and dust from the air duct of the HVAC system. 

  • Vacuum Cleaning with Truck Mounted Method

Truck-mounted vacuum techniques use a vacuum that is fuelled through the PTO shaft of a working vehicle. Truck-mounted vacuum cleaning innovation depends on the volume of air being drawn. The truck-mounted vacuum draws a volume of air regularly running between 10,000 to 15,000 cubic feet of air every moment. A truck-mounted vacuum work is connected from the truck to the storage compartment lines of the ventilation system. As the ventilation system is brought into a vacuum, either rotary brushes or airlines are placed into the air duct console to accumulate the dust to the collection point. 

  • Point of Contact Air Duct Cleaning

The point of contact strategies is presently the most secure and best air duct or vent cleaning technique. A state of contact air duct cleaning strategy uses a versatile HEPA separated vacuum and a tumult gadget to at the same time to clean the air pipes. Compact HEPA vacuum cleaning innovation depends on the speed of air being drawn. High intensity of vacuum takes into account more collection of the debris, and the HEPA channel filters the chances of cross-contamination. However, even though the point of contact air duct cleaning strategies are at present the most secure and best methods for cleaning air pipes, new and creative air pipe cleaning innovations are consistently being developed.

  • Equipment Requirement

There are wide ranges of professional equipment available in the market where you can have a deep cleaning process for your air duct of the HVAC system. You can choose the best one with positive reviews through online or offline sources to make your best purchase. It is also recommended to buy the equipment from the offline store so that you can have a complete idea of the particular product. In this way, you can choose the right equipment for your air duct system.