As the world becomes ever more globalized and developed, businesses never stop thriving and surprise ordinary people with their sophisticated solutions. Travel vacation business is definitely not an exception. 

If you have ever been wondering how to spend your vacation most fruitfully and bring remarkable memories home, you probably should consider Dubai yacht rental. One of the most splendid ways to grasp all the beauty of the open sea and its sometimes frivolous, sometimes serene nature, is to float on its surface. You may be engrossed in its treasured depth; enjoy the sunset or the sunrise with your friends and family feeling a tender wind on your skin. 

Nowadays, all of it is more than possible. It would undoubtedly be a pinch of new experience and a bunch of unique sensations. By choosing an entirely new kind of vacation, you also reinvent your holiday and bring some new colors to it. That is why as each year goes by, more and more people prefer to wind down in the open water instead of booking a suite in the hotel.

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There is a great number of particularities when it comes to choosing a boat that would meet all your requirements. And with our yacht renting service our customers can find a boat according to their interests and taste. It can be either a motor yacht, a fishing boat for those who adore fishing, or a powerboat with a motorized engine.

Motor Yacht

Motor yachts may have been judged to have exceptional aesthetic qualities even from afar. They are designed to emphasize convenience and provide the best service. With extra deck space and thorough construction and form, such yachts will probably catch your eye. If you have a big company of friends who prefer extreme comfort and pleasant design, these yachts will be a perfect choice. With our special offers and renting options, it can get almost invisible regarding their high price.

Fishing Boat

Fishing boats are relatively smaller in size, which on the one hand, makes them not suitable for a large crowd of people, but on the other hand, adds to their stability, and they are definitely easier to operate. If you are a loner who prefers solitary romance in the open sea with a bit of fishing to the surrounding hustle and bustle on huge vessels, the fishing boat can become your ideal solution. Notwithstanding the touch of fascination and delight you get from sailing on a motor yacht, fishing boats provide not only the best fishing equipment and sometimes so precious aloneness but also the opportunity to enjoy the glorious view of Dubai.


Powerboats or motorboats are relatively small marine vessels equipped with an electric motor. They usually range in size from a tiny boat destined to carry only one person to some large 30 feet in length. However, the majority of powerboats can carry six passengers in total or even less. This type of boat is designed mainly for cruising and fishing as they are solid, strong, but, at the same time, very light. Besides, they are perfect for a variety of water sports such as duck hunting, swimming, water skiing, and even skin diving. Thanks to its high speed and stability, a powerboat can become a remarkably nice choice for those adoring dynamic sailing.

Dubai Fishing Trip

Perfect for ideal quality time alone or with your friends and family, enjoying the calmness of the sea and tranquillity of the mesmerizing city view. Moreover, as our boats are equipped with the best equipment, your fishing experience will definitely stand out.

Romantic Yacht Cruise

Let your beloved one feel special on our yacht voyage in Dubai. With the luxurious ambiance of quality service, combined with tender sun and soft waves gently emitting absolute serenity in the open sea, you will get tones of magical experience regardless of your intentions to propose, celebrate an anniversary or just have an unforgettable date.

Sunset & Dinner Cruise

Sunset on a yacht is something many would want to experience on its own. We would also love to add a delicious dinner from our most professional chef for you to have an amazing time with someone you cherish and love.

Sightseeing Cruises

If your soul strives for adventures and bold experiences, our best offer for you would be a special sightseeing cruise where you can savor magnificent views and enjoy the weather and comfort of our quality service.

Party Yacht Rental

Among all the places where you can throw a party, the open sea wins the competition with a big gap. Regardless of the kind of party, drinking elite alcoholic beverages, savoring outstanding dishes, and chatting with your nearest and dearest on a rented yacht will make your party absolutely grandiose.

Private Event Hire

If you prefer private celebrations, thoroughly organized according to your taste, you will find this proposition very interesting. No matter the day or occasion, a touch of luxury will never be obsolete.

Water Sport

Our water sports activities will definitely be on top of the list for those who adore active rest. It can either be water skiing or jet skiing that would enrich your cells with a heavy dose of adrenaline. We provide our clients with secure assistance when needed. Dubai is one of the most popular cities for water sports.

Snorkeling & Diving

Underwater exploration is something many people are crazy about. Diving or snorkeling, you can choose whatever is most suitable for you. You can admire some of the most splendid underwater views with all the necessary equipment. 

Corporate Cruise Trip

One of the best ways to do successful business is to know how to interact with people properly. Let us help you to entertain your employees, customers, or business partners. Our best corporate cruise trip offer is perfect for corporate parties, meetings with clients, staff training, etc.

Suffice it to say that CharterClick provides a variety of luxurious marine vessels at a reasonable price for those who appreciate high quality. Our company strives to become better every day and give our customers the best service possible. Check our options and begin living your dream!