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The Scorpenek Droids Annihilator was in the spotlight with the final episode of The Book of Boba Fett that were telecast across The United States as well as Canada, the United KingdomCanada as well as Australia which showed two Scorpenek Droids watching the fight between Pyke Boba’s Syndicate and his allies. The battle was telecast for over an hour in street corners of Mos Espa.

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About Scorpenek Droids:

Scorpenek Droids were designed and manufactured by Colla IV during the war of clone. One Scorpenek Droids was enough to destroy a whole platoon of soldiers.

Because of their success the team was immediately moved to the front line of the war , and were positioned around crucial strategic and political resources.

The power of one Scorpenek Droids

There was a great terror of the Scorpenek Droids. One single strike of Scorpenek Droids was powerful enough to wipe out hundreds of AT-TEs.

Scorpenek Droids were also part of both the Battle of Palahni and the Battle of Formos and emerged victorious.

Meaning of the Droid Scorpenek Annihilator :

The moment the Republic forces began their assault at Colla IV, only one Scorpenek Droids were sent to combat with the Republic forces. The Scorpenek Droids defeated three of the four troops.

Features f Scorpenek Droids:

  • Scorpenek Droids were designed and developed in collaboration with Colicoid Creation Nest for Colla IV.
  • The classification is Battle Droids.
  • They’re equipped with the Deflector shield generator two rapid-fire laser cannons as well as the red sensor. Scorpenek Droids stand 3.5 meters tall.
  • Scorpenek Droids depicted the design of a raging scorpion.
  • With the aid of an integrated radiation sensor and a crimson photoreceptor the Droid Scorpenek Annihilator HTML1can eliminate its targets.
  • Scorpenek Droids included a particle-energy shield, which would allow them to be placed within the shield of the annihilator for greater security.
  • Scorpenek Droids suffered from an issue because of their large eye, allowing soldiers to eliminate them just by touching the center of their eyes.

Scorpenek Droids deactivation

However, Scorpenek Droids are very costly to produce. Therefore, only a handful of them were made (approximated 100 per count).

The war on clones ended in 19 BBY. Anakin Skywalkers had deactivated a lot of Droids which included Droid Scorpenek Annihilator..

Signals for deactivation were transmitted throughout the universe from Mustafar. Then, the ruler Palpatine had ordered the remaining Scorpenek Droids to be shifted to the Imperial Department of Military Research.

The acquisition of the Scorpenek Droids

It is believed that Pykes might have purchased an assortment of Scorpenek Droids for their army.


The pet of Boba Rancor was seen fighting shieldless in the final season in The Book of Boba Fett. Rancor is a gruesome creature, but it’s Boba’s pet. It distinguishes between enemies and friends. Rancor is seen torn apart Scorpenek Droids Annihilator, cutting it in half, at the most appropriate time.