Safety is essential for your own safety as well as for individuals who are through the streets. Beyond that, knowing the state of traffic could help in making sure you get to an area on time the United States. Additionally, it could aid in planning your trip and help you understand the weather conditions in the area is.

This article we’ll be talking about Drivetexas. com. The website, however, displayed 403 prohibited error messages and led users to So, we’ll be looking at which is the original website, on which you can find out the condition of the roads.

What is the Website?

As we’ve said, we require accurate information regarding the weather conditions and roads when traveling. This will assist us in planning our travel and make it to the destination quickly.

Unfortunately, though many websites offer information on weather and traffic, very few are created through authorities from United States government to assist drivers to understand road conditions when driving.

In the coming weeks we will elaborate more about rather than Drivetexas. com.


Drive Texas is an online application released by was released by the Texas Department of Transportation released and referred to as TxDOT in 2012. The application helped drivers with planning their trips based on the latest information and real-time updates regarding the road’s condition, traffic conditions in the area, and the weather.

What are the benefits of the Application?

The app allowed users to track their travel routes and to plan their routes by analyzing the weather conditions. Additionally, the data includes:

  • If there are any construction works
  • In the event of closures or accidents.

What is the reason for Drivetexas. com being featured in The News?

It is important to note that isn’t available and is showing a the error 403 forbidden. However visitors are directed to a different site , which is Additionally, the website that can help motorists to learn about the condition of roads in order to ensure safe travel is

According to sources the turnpike lanes as well as roads in Oklahoma were cleaned on Wednesday, the 23rd of February, 2022. There are many websites that allow drivers to verify the state of the roads so that they can make sure there are no delays and the safety of their travels.

The website (instead instead of the Drivetexas. The new (instead of the users can select their current location, or use the map that defaults to display the current conditions of traffic. In addition to the web version the app is also available in the mobile version , allowing users to pinpoint locations accurately.

Final Conclusive

According to reports the director of the division for the TxDOT’s travel department, Margot Richards, reasoned that the application would be beneficial to people who need to monitor the condition and traffic on the road prior to as well as during their travel. In addition, the primary goal of the app is to ensure that travel is safe for travelers.

Have you tried the application online? If so, then please submit your feedback and thoughts with us in the comment section below.