Are you confused about Drew Hill? Is he a footballer, or an artist. This confusion can be solved by reading the following.

This is a post about Drew Hill, the celebrity artist. It will let you know more about Drew Hill and help you to understand who Drew Hill is. Drew Hill is a well-known American artist.

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About Drew Hill Artist

Drew Hill, a well-known artist, held the position of Infinity studio residence as an Artist. He worked alongside Susan, the founder, at infinity studio on multiple works. Jimi Hendrix blue series was one of them, until November 2009 mid.

Drew Hill celebrity artist has been immortalizing his heroes in the canvas for over thirty-five year. It also included musicians such as Dizzy Gillespie and Barbra Streisand, Bob Marley (Michael Jackson), Janet Jackson, Miles Davis, and Michael Jackson.

His sports heroes included Serena Williams and Kareem Abdul Jabbar as well as Kobe Bryant and Jim Brown. Drew Hill was an extremely gifted artist, who had never received any training. One of his paintings is believed to be owned by Supreme Court Justice Marshall.

Information Related to Him and His Paintings

Drew Hill was an avid painter who had many of his incredible paintings on display. His work was a collaboration with Susan in Infinity Studio, and his works are now available in giclee print and book format.

Drew Hill celebrity artist Latest Update

The project management team at Facebook circulated the artist’s video recently in an effort to assist him with his position. The artist states in the video that he would like to see his painting on the wall at the museum and visit it one day.

According to him, he lost his studio in Santa Monica after a fire. The video became viral because people recognized him for being a great artist, who used to work at Infinity studio.

Drew Hill is a celebrity footballer too?

According to the articles and sources, Drew Hill claimed that he was a former footballer and drafted 1979 for the NLF draft.