July 4th is not that far, and it’s hard to keep the excitement in control. From adults to kids, it is almost everyone’s favourite time of the year. Holidays, happy vibes, people preparing for the big day, America has its own vibe of 4th July. It’s celebration time which means new clothes! We as adults can select our clothes without taking too much time but when it’s about little kids, one needs to be very selective.

Especially if it’s a baby girl it is not just about dress but accessories, footwear that comes along with it. Undoubtedly choosing a baby girl 4th of July outfit is the parents’ favourite thing they love doing. 

Most of the parents tend to go for designer baby clothes. Red, blue and white is the colour combination which is considered when choosing a dress for this special day. Seeing your kid all dressed up is such a joy to the heart. However, to keep things perfect below mentioned are some of the things you can consider when choosing clothes for your baby girl:

  1. Patriotic dress:

Girls are born to wear cute dresses! But when you are looking for cute infant girl outfits, a tulle dress is highly recommended. Tulle is a fashionable mesh net fabric that is worn by young and old, due to its beautiful appearance and breathable fabric. 

If you’re into DIY clothes then this idea will work great for you. Make a skirt yourself by folding and cutting tulle fabric into strips and then tying the strips to a ribbon that you can tie around your child’s waist. Put on a blue, red, and white tutu outfit and a white, red, and blue flower headband for your little princess. 

  1. White as base colour:

Not everyone’s budget allows buying dresses, particularly for a single day. Nonetheless, it is a smart way of buying clothes that can be worn during other occasions as well; that’s being smart with your money! A white-coloured based outfit is ideal for your child for the 4th of July and for other occasions as well. It is also simple for the child to wear because it is both stylish and patriotic. A white gown or frock with blue and red stars. Add a pair of plain red boots to the mix. 

  1. Glitter for the special occasion:

Your little princess may love a glitter dress. There is something so joyful about glitters that brings excitement and happiness to anyone especially little kids. However, if you or your child isn’t a fan of sparkles and glitter and prefers to keep things simple, choose one standout piece, such as sparkly shorts or a shirt.

  1. Romper with American print:

Romper for our little miss America! On Independence Day, a cute retro headband can be ideal. Reviving childhood memories is timeless, and we recommend dressing your little one in a blue, red, and white romper to go with this adorable bow headband. An American flag tank romper is ideal for little Miss America for the perfect cheerful frame. Combine it with a blue bow headpiece and a pair of red sneakers to complete the look.

  1. Sequins:

Do you have a little one who adores stars and sequins? A large graphical star with sequins would be a fantastic choice, because who doesn’t want a little glitz and glam? A sleeveless blue and white striped flare-y dress with a glittery star would look fantastic. You can complete the look with pair of sandals and a cute star-spangled headband that she can wear to school functions and other occasions. 

  1. Casual outfit:

Undoubtedly, kids are moody especially girls who like to do things according to their mood. It comes as no surprise that even these dolls like to stay in a casual outfit rather than dressing up completely. Indeed, comfort is can something that can keep you happy and enjoy the moment rather than wearing something tacky, tight, or too much of dressing up.  

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So, you’re wondering what you can do to help your child? We recommend a grey t-shirt matched with red and white striped legging pants and blue sneakers. 

However, since the USA is also one of the worse hit countries with COVID-19, people are suggested to avoid going out. The best solution to stay safe and enjoy as well is to do shopping from baby clothing stores online.