What comes to your mind when you think about the words “drain clearing”? Like many others, images of brute force like plungers, augers, and other mechanical devices may come to your mind as some local plumbers use these devices in Point Cook to clear away clogs. While these tools may be effective in some cases, they are more troublesome than they’re worth and could even be dangerous. However, chemicals are a much safer option and are more effective in clearing drains. Wondering why? Read on to find out!

Chemical Drain Cleaning Process

If you are having clogged drain issues, you can choose to hire professional plumbers who are experienced in using chemical drain cleaners safely and judiciously. With this simple method, one may dislodge stubborn clogs as chemical drain cleaners even dissolve small tree roots that have invaded the pipelines of your drainage system.

Professional cleaners will pour a portion of the chemical into the clogged sink, tub, or toilet and give it time to work. Later, they flush it into the pipes with hot water so that the acid in the liquid cleaner dissolves the grease, and other substances, such as hair, oil, etc, that formed the clog.

There are two types of chemical cleaners: alkaline and acidic chemical cleaners.

Alkaline Drain Cleaners

Did you know that the most common alkaline drain cleaners contain potassium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide? These drain cleaners include additives that initiate the cleaning process. Professional plumbers use gloves and glasses during the drain cleaning process while handling the chemicals. Professional plumbers will also take extra care to use products that are needed and ensure they do not spill chemicals on sensitive surfaces.

During the unclogging process, the chemicals in the pipelines encounter the clogging substances, and this results in a chemical reaction, after which the substances forming the clog dissolve and are flushed into the municipal waste system. The result is a clear and clean pipe that is ready to function normally.

Acidic Drain Cleaners

Another type of chemical cleaner is the acidic drain cleaner which contains stronger acids that must be handled by professional plumbers only, and untrained people should avoid using such substances for safety concerns. Acidic drain cleaners are the last resort for the most stubborn clogs that do not get cleared even by alkaline chemical cleaners. Professional plumbers use extra caution while using acidic cleaners. They will explain the cleaning process using these cleaners to the customers and will advise them to avoid the area until the space is properly ventilated.

Chemicals Vs. Tools for Drain Cleaners

For clearing blocked drainsin Point Cook, chemicals are safer than tools. Plungers and augers are less handy and, when misused, could damage your pipes. Therefore, chemicals are the best choice to clear blocked drains and pose no such risk. Plumbers must follow all the directions as per the label, and use the products with confidence, as they are least likely to damage pipes.

Moreover, chemicals are more effective compared to tools in clearing drains as the most common cause of drain clogs are grease, soap scum, hair, and other organic substances that do not pass through the drainage system and build up over time. Removing these materials using a plunger or an auger is tough, and plumbers require items that would break the clogs down chemically, and this is where drain cleaners come in.

Did you know that drain cleaner contains powerful enzymes that help break down organic materials faster and more efficiently? Implying that once plumbers pour a chemical drain cleaner down the drain, it starts working quickly and helps break down the clog immediately. Most drain cleaners start showing results almost within minutes compared to the hours or even days required to clear a clog using tools like a plunger or auger.

Chemicals Used by a Plumbing Company

Now that you understand why chemical drain cleaners are more beneficial than plumbing tools, let us discuss in detail the chemicals used by various plumbing companies to clear drain clogs are crucial. Numerous plumbing companies use chemicals that consist of liquid or foam formulations heavier than water to clear clogged drains. When flushed through the pipe, these chemicals pass through the water in clogged tubs, toilets or sinks to get to the blockage.

Some chemical drain cleaners contain potassium hydroxide that transforms grease into soft soap or uses thioglycolic acid that dissolves hair. Some other ingredients in chemical drain cleaners include sodium hydroxide, sulfuric acid or lye. As some of these ingredients are toxic, they require special care and must be left to be dealt with by a trained plumber to avoid damaging pipes or affecting the health of people.

Why Choose Professional Drain Cleaners?

Professional plumbers in Point Cookare well-trained to use acids and chemicals safely. They wear protective gear as acids can be extremely dangerous and must be used correctly. Therefore, homeowners and businesses must avoid using chemical cleaners at all times and must hire a reputable plumbing company that takes care not to mix chemicals with other products that could cause toxic chemical reactions harmful to people around.

It is extremely dangerous to handle these products or to pour them down the drain without understanding the related health risk; relying on professional plumbers is the best choice. An experienced plumbing company may turn to acidic chemicals only when the traditional plumbing methods do not work to unclog the drain. They are quick to respond and will provide emergency plumbing services as per your needs.


For homeowners or owners of commercial establishments, having a slow or clogged drain is common from time to time. However, they must not hesitate to contact expert plumbers if they are unable to unclog the drain themselves and require professional assistance. Professional plumbers are skilled at managing chemical drain cleaners that are safer and more reliable when it comes to clearing stubborn clogs where mechanical devices or tools are of little use. They are hassle-free and easy to use. If you are facing issues with your water heater or other electronic devices, you can contact professional Hot Water Plumbers in Point Cook to resolve the issue immediately.