Studio “Magic Hat”, created in collaboration with “Dragon Master”.

It is a novel type of game, which claims to have an association “RTS”, MOBA, or “Blockchain”.

The game is already very popular Global. Many players are seeking new experiences.

The game offers unique features that are different from any other game structure.

Our readers and fans of the game will find some useful information here. Let’s learn more about Dragon Master52.

What is the Game?

This game offers unique features, as we’ve already stated. Players can have different experiences while playing the game.

Gamer can choose from a variety of dragons with superpower elements. The gamer can pick the dragons to capture. You can use dragons to begin or finish a game.

It is the most original pattern in the game. Blockchain’s power gives the game additional strength and enhanced elements.

This game offers security enhancement from Ethereum and absolute protection from cyber-attacks.

What is Dragon Master52?

Now, let’s get to the core of the theme.

There is an inland Dragon Master – “Lemuria.” This is the dragon land. This land has many dragon types that each have their own unique power.

One can explore many kinds of dragons by playing as a player. They come with different abilities, names and strengths.

These dragons also have unique names. You’ll find “Bomb Dragon”, “Titan Dragon”, “Free Dragon”, or “Thunder Dragon”.

Any one of these dragons may be used by any player. The rules allow players to pursue the mission or complete the task.

Dragon Master Playing Strategy

To win the “Dragon Master”, you need to have a strategy.

Making your own Dragons Team is the crucial part of this game. Each player may take four sizes of dragons.

You should choose a size for the dragons that is extra-large, large or small. It will complete the team for a player.

You can start the game by choosing from one of the four sizes. “5 tracks” is the name of the battlefield.

There is however a rule that Dragon Master 52 follows.

The giant dragon can be very heavyweight, but have little power. The larger dragons can only push the dragon around the battlefield. It triggers the “HP” (hits power) of the player. We know the winners names once the “HP” hits the zero line.


Recently, game enthusiasts are becoming more familiar with the game. Many game lovers are eager to play the game.

It’s possible for many reasons. Gamers can create a variety of teams by combining their powers, strategies and skills.

On Android, players can play Dragon Master52 game.