Are you annoyed by annoying ads that appear among your posts to social media? Social media platforms is now available to eliminate these annoying ads to help keep your attention on your post.

Counter Social is the new social media website created for people who want to stay clear of annoying ads as well as the ad hominem, promotional memes, and endless BOT attacks that are aplenty between posts. It’s a clean and excellent platform for socializing online. It has a lot of users in America. United States, and many others are looking to find Counter Social Reviews.

User’s Reaction to Application

After reviewing, we discovered that the platform is used by many users from all over the world. Many of them have posted favorable reviews, with the average rating of 4.2-star score out of five. Overall the reviews are positive.

Many users are happy with the functions and functionality of the app. CounterSocialDev is a the option of counter Social and is accessible for mobile users on the various play stores. There are numerous reviews on the internet. Many are thinking about who designed this amazing site that has such top-of-the-line features. They would like to know who is the owner of the Counter Social.

What is Counter Social?

Counter Social is a social media site with distinctive features that keep users entertained. There aren’t any advertising, promotion misuses, or other foreign-influenced operations. The only thing you will get is endless opportunities to socialize with no any obstacles.

Counter Social is a one-of-its-kind social network platform that is designed with a zero tolerance stance towards the BOT account, foreign countries disinformation networks, as well as trolling. Counter Social is the platform that powers social media channels and allows users to use an influence operation against the platform.

It’s a community-driven platform created by its users. It doesn’t offer any sponsored content.

What are the Features of the Counter Social App ?

  • Counter Share – Users have access to protected integrated, ephemeral, and integrated 500TB file sharing solution. The files are secured, and users are able to define a limit or limit the number of installations.
  • The Emergency Radio Traffic – The application has been enhanced by COSOCOM that illuminates over 7000 emergency radio frequency. It will automatically tune to chatter in the event of an emergency occurs.
  • COSOCIAL Conferencing – It encourages the use of one-click video conferencing, and invites all users via a specific URL to participate in the meeting.
  • COSO Groups – It helps users to create communities according to their own preferences. The group can be either private or open to the public.
  • Enhanced Privacy Mode – According to the Counter Social Reviews, the external links that timelines or feeds can be accessible via enhanced privacy settings. This places you between the server that hosts the feed and the platform, ensuring the greatest security.

These are just a few of the features users can benefit from when using this application.


Many are dissatisfied by the advertisements or promotions as well as other negatives that are being pushed through various social media platforms. Therefore, they are slowly moving to a different social media that isn’t cluttered with all this noise. Counter Social is the newly created social network that has no advertisements, promotions and fake information.

Do you use Counter Social? Share the details of your Counter Social Reviews in the comments section.