Download Full Version Prince of Persia 5: The Forgotten Sands PC Game

Download Full Version Prince of Persia 5

Prince of Persia 5: The Forgotten Sands has been one the most popular games in recent years. Developed and published by Ubisoft, it’s basically an action-packed platform game where you play as Prince Ali who must travel through seven different levels on his quest to free himself from “The Pit.” If this sounds interesting for either your phone or console then read more about its features below!

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Prince Of Persia – This instalment sees him return after a 7-year gap between instalments; players will be able suit up with all new weapons such as blades (katana), guns which can also fire explode-able objects like grenades when near enemies close enough. There are 20 missions across 3 worlds each containing 6 stages per mission giving 100 total targets.

Overview of the Game

The Prince of Persia 5: The Forgotten Sands is a 2010 action-adventure game that follows the story of an unnamed prince. It can be played on both PC and console, with PS3 versions available for purchase as well; Xbox 360 compatibility coming soon through an update from Microsoft before E3 this year (2015).

Third person perspective viewing gives players plenty to do in terms of exploration while they’re questing–as this particular entry provides many puzzles involving levers/switches etc., all set against stunning graphics. Download this game from Gaming Beasts platform for free.

The prince is sent to the territory of King Solomon, a Djinn trapped for years. He arrives and finds it under siege from an evil djinn named Ratash who has been set free by Malik’s attempt at saving people in his kingdom during this time.

The prince sets out on an epic adventure with help from Razia – one that will change him forever as he learns about leadership while also realizing what great things come at great cost.

The game has many different versions. For some, the consoles are their preferred form of gameplay while others enjoy playing on PC or vice versa!

No matter what you prefer to do in life though there’s a version for every type of player with its own distinct story line at hand just waiting to be fully enjoyed by all members of your family group who love games as much (or more) than they like eating cake during birthdays.


The Prince of Persia series has always been about twists and turns, with the fifth entry being no exception. The game follows our protagonist as he stumbles upon an ancient sand kingdom that may recall his lost memories from long ago; all while fighting against 50+ enemies at once!

It’ll take you through puzzle-filled environments like those before it did but Powers will make this one special – they’re infused into each Djinn ability making them more powerful than ever when combined together strategically during combat (or on their own).

Features of the Game

Prince of Persia 5: The forgotten sands have a lot of features that make it more engaging for players. You should try out this great game and see what all these exciting things are about!


Prince of Persia 5: The forgotten sands can be played on both console and PC, allowing gamers to experience the game no matter what device they choose. This makes it easy for players who don’t have time restrictions-or money! -to enjoy all its features without having a preference in terms or platforms like many other games do these days.

Strong Characters

The Forgotten Sands is a game of memories and ambitions. The main protagonist, the prince plays as he tries to piece together what happened in his kingdom before it’s too late for him or others around him at any point along on journey.

That will span across many different landscapes with new people each chapter while also managing resources such as food supply points so you can continue playing through without having an impossible time like some other games where all your hard work goes down after just one attack from enemy heroes.

Great Visuals

The graphics in Prince of Persia 5: The Forgotten Sands are marvelous. It would be hard to find a game without good visuals these days, but luckily for us this one has excellent graphics and they haven’t lost their sheen from when the series first started out all those years ago!


There are many great games to choose from, but at we think that Prince of Persia 5 is one of the best. You can download this game for free here and start playing it today!